Low-Cost Internet Service Through Comcast

Many people find the internet useful in processing business transactions, keeping in contact with family and friends, pursuing their education, and for a number of other reasons. Although it is a necessity in a growing number of homes, there are still a lot of families who are not able to afford this extra expense. If the amount that most companies charge for web access is too much for your family’s budget, you might find help in Internet Essential, a new low-cost program extended through Comcast, a company that provides online service.

Internet Essentials

Internet Essentials is a program offering internet service at a low-cost of $9.95 plus tax to those who qualify. Customers who participate may find it beneficial knowing that they will not have to pay any activation or equipment rental fees. Those who meet the requirements also have the opportunity to purchase a computer through the program when they first enroll, for only $149.99 plus tax. Internet training is available online, in printed form, and in person to those who have enrolled. Comcast does not increase the price for these particular costumers at any time.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Internet Essential service a household must:

Be located in an area that receives internet service through Comcast Currently have a child living in the home who receives lunches through the National School Lunch Program for free (reduced-price lunches through the National School Lunch Program do not qualify) Not have ordered internet through Comcast within the last 90 days from date of application Not have had one late bill from Comcast or any equipment that has not been returned

How to Apply

Those who are interested and feel that they meet the criteria can apply for Internet Essentials by calling 1-855-8-INTERNET (1-855-846-8376). Completing an application is a required part of the process and can be requested when calling the phone number listed above. All applications will be mailed to those upon request and must be completely filled out, then returned with the child’s lunch program documents from his or her school. Applicants will know if they are approved by mail within 7-10 days of receiving all necessary forms.

Service Availability

As long as each household enrolled has at least one child who receives free lunches through the National School Lunch Program, they will continue to receive internet service for $9.95 plus tax from Internet Essentials. Also, Comcast’s Customer Agreement for Residential Services must not be violated and the account should not be closed in order to continue to acquire this offer at the reduced-price. New customers will continue to be invited to participate in the low cost Internet Essential program for the next three years.

If you are looking for affordable or cheap internet service, this might be a good alternative. It is important to make sure Comcast provides service in your area and if you have a history with them, be certain it is acceptable. If you are interested or have any further questions it is best to contact the company directly.



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