Lucas and the Dark Thieves

Lucas was busy studying the mysterious, plush island, which was previously found in the middle of the Rhukashlavian desert by both him and Joshua. He couldn’t help but enjoy this time of observing the Dark Thieves’ mysterious invention. It was almost Christmas, and Lucas was simply doing what he loved the most.

He was conducting an experiment with a plant sample when he suddenly heard a rustle in the leaves. He couldn’t tell which direction it was coming from at the time, so he just set down the experiment and began to back up slowly.

The rustle got louder. Lucas decided that backing up wasn’t enough when he saw a huge, dark figure running towards him. Lucas turned around quickly and began his own run for the sake of his life.

“You can’t run far, Lucas!” yelled out the dark figure.

“I know that, Max!” replied Lucas. “Don’t rub it in, okay?”

Before Lucas realized it, he had run into quicksand. It had quickly engulfed him. He landed onto some hard rock located right below the island’s surface.

“Ow!” cried out Lucas as he began to sit up. “Why did I forget about the quicksand? And why did it lead me here?”

Lucas stood up and looked at his surroundings. At a distance he noticed a sandy hill of the supposed cave that led down to a huge drop on one side and a way out on the other. He started to walk towards the hill.

“Don’t think you really know what you’re doing, Lucas,” said Max from right behind him.

Lucas turned around quickly.

“How did you get here so fast?” fearfully cried out Lucas.

“I’m the leader of this lair,” replied Max. “I’m the rightful king of Rhukashlavia.”

“No, the Dark Thieves stole it long ago before the sandstorm, remember?” replied Lucas with a nervous laugh.

“Quit being so informal with me!” angrily yelled out Max.

At that moment Lucas tried to run up the sandy hill. He was slowly making progress.

“This is really hard!” said Lucas to himself.

Max ran up after him. He caught Lucas by the foot and threw him to the ground. Lucas sat up slowly only to feel the pain in his back.

“Now then,” calmly began Max. “You will listen to me and do as I say. You are my slave now.”

“Nu uh,” replied Lucas.

“Quit being so informal!” yelled out Max.

Lucas quieted down.

“You are the exact tool I need to get into the palace,” said Max. “Even your love for the princess…”

“How did you know that?” asked Lucas. “That was never publicized!”

“Come on!” yelled out Max. He then grabbed Lucas’ hands, handcuffed them, and then dragged him off into a different location from within the cave.

He was soon placed in a jail cell. It was then that Max took the handcuffs off of him and then shut the door.

“Now, I’ll give you some food in an hour or two,” said Max. “In the meanwhile, sleep and be quiet!”

Max left for the time being. Lucas began brainstorming. He wanted to do whatever he could to finally escape, but he soon fell asleep anyway.

He woke up a few hours later. He ate whatever food was in front of him, and then he fell asleep again.

He finally felt somewhat well rested after several times of falling asleep and waking up repeatedly. He didn’t know what time or day it was anymore. He just knew that he wasn’t where he wanted to be.

He soon saw Max open the door. He grabbed Lucas’ arm with a very strong grip and dragged him off into yet another underground location. Lucas only feared what might happen next.

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