When Lucky came to live with us, two years ago, I went out and bought him a nice dog bed. He loved it. He would move the bed around himself within a circumference of six feet. My husband and I got a kick out of how much he loved that bed.

Last week, after I washed it, I took a good look at that bed. It was in pretty bad shape from all his scratching and clawing…so I purchased Lucky a new bed.

I knew he wouldn’t take to the “new” bed right away so I put them side by side. For a few days, he took turns sleeping in the new one and then in the other. Then it happened…he literally pulled the old bed onto the new bed.

I separated them one more time, thinking he would accept and get used to his “new” bed. Once again he forcibly pulled the old bed onto the new.

He and I went through this maneuver five different times until he literally growled at me and sat on the two beds daring me to move them one more time.

I knew I was beaten. Lucky won. This eight and a half pound Toy Fox Terrier outplayed me.

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