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There are many different types of luxury bedding, as well as other information you should know about it too. First, there are the many different types that are available and why they are considered to be a luxury bedding .

Combed Cotton Fibers – The cotton has been combed to remove shorter fibers from the mix. The fibers that are left are longer and are used to be woven into yarn.

Egyptian Cotton – The cotton is grown along the Nile and it is one of the highest quality cottons that is available, because it has a glossy look and smooth finish to it.

Jacquard Weaves – These are complex and are done on a special loom. The patterns are more detailed and in depth compared to other materials.

Percale Woven – These are crisp and cool, as well as very durable too. The cotton has been woven over and under each other so that they are very strong and last longer.

Pima Cotton – This is grown in South America and North America and has a silky and smooth finish to it.

Sateen Weaves – This is a special weave that creates a lustrous look to the material and it is very soft and silky as well.

Next is the thread count of luxury bedding. Do not be deceived by high thread counts, this is not necessarily a true factor when it comes to bedding that is better. The thread count is not used by many manufacturers to say that their bedding better, however Egyptian bedding that has a 200 thread count, will still be better than a thread count of 600. Thread count is simply how many yarns were used per the square inch of the material to make the bedding. Many companies will say they have a higher thread count because they used twisted yarns to make the material. However, this will not necessarily make the material more comfortable of of better quality. The thread count is really only a measurement to use when it comes to the construction of the material. Having a 200 thread count or more is important, especially when combined with better materials and yarns.

When you go to choose the luxury bedding you want, ask yourself a few questions before making a decision. These are:

How do you sleep?

Do you become easily hot or cold when sleeping?

Do you like crisp sheets when you get in bed?

Do you like soft and cozy sheets better?

How much do you want to spend?

What is your budget?

What patterns do you want?

What colors do you want?

You also want to look at the construction of the material. When stitches are flat and far apart, they were sewn quickly and cheaply and will not last. Check the stitches on the corners of the bedding too to make sure that these are sewn securely. Also, look at the size of the sheets and bedding. They should be big enough to fit the mattresses and be tucked in. Lastly, the yarn used should feel smooth and there should not be flaws in the material either.

Lastly, look at the care that the bedding will need. Luxury bedding requires different care than standard bedding and you want to make sure that you will be able to do this, so that the bedding lasts a long time. Keep in mind that:

100% cotton should never be washed in hot water and should be taken from the dryer sooner so they do not become wrinkled.

Cotton blends can be washed in any manner and are the easiest to maintain.

Silk should never have excessive heat when washing or excessive heat when drying either.

Satin can also be washed and dried in any manner, since it is 100% polyester.

Linen blends need to be removed from the drier sooner so that they do not wrinkle.

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