MAC OS X Lion Update/Adobe Flash Conflict

Last week, Apple released an update to OS X Lion 10.7. While I welcomed the speed in which it was released, I still grumble that Adobe’s Flash Player still doesn’t appear to operate very well.

On Apple’s support site, it is explained what is included in the updated (10.7.1). At the top of the bulleted list of updates is to “address an issue that may cause the system to become unresponsive when playing a video in Safari.” Among some other improvements listed were resolving an issue in correcting a system audio problem, resolving an issue that prevents transfer of data, and improving the reliability of Wi-Fi connections. These are all great updates and I certainly welcome a new version if it makes the system more reliable. Similarly Adobe offered an update of their Flash Player the week prior to fix unresponsive settings on MAC OS X Lion.

Today when trying to watch a brief video on Yahoo Sports featuring “Eerie Noises Emanate from Stadium”, I encountered an Adobe Crash report on my new Apple iMac screen (see photo). This occurred while I was using the also newly updated Firefox version 6. Undeterred, I tried to watch the video on Apple’s Safari version 5.1 yet the same Adobe Crash report occurred on my screen. Eventually after completing shutting down both browsers and then reopening one and then the other, I was finally able to see that sports video, which unfortunately seemed unremarkable and almost not worth the trouble of exploring.

So it appears safe to say that despite having an update to correct the Adobe Flash compatibility issue, it’s still there. I don’t think this issue just relates just to my unique computer but with other Macs out there although haven’t seen much feedback traversing the web.

It is true that Apple’s issue is that Flash videos drain batteries on iPads, laptops and iPhones. I explained that in an earlier article I wrote 3 weeks ago. But the issue remains today that most of the video content on the Internet is of a Flash origin, rather than the newer and more accepted H.264/MPEG-4 version.

I guess I will just have to be patient and wait for MAC OS X 10.7.2. Maybe by then, Apple and Adobe will have unlocked their horns and finally hammered out a resolution to this annoying issue. Don’t get me wrong, I have been an Apple Mac user for much longer than the average Joe and support most everything Apple has done since 1984 and remain a faithful, loyal Apple user. But it appears that Apple, risen from the ashes of the early 1990s, is starting to become Goliath rather than its former self of David. There certainly seems to be some evidence of pseudo-monopolistic practices by appearances of attempts to thwart Flash and trouncing HP out of the consumer PC, smart phone and tablet business just last week. Let’s hope that Apple comes with a practical solution with Adobe and their popular Flash Player. And hopefully the ever-growing loyalty to Apple isn’t creating a monster.

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