Make a Swarovski Necklace

Making a necklace from a Swarovski crystal prism or pendant is fun and makes a unique piece of jewelry. Swarovski crystal prisms are meant for hanging in windows to create rainbows. When the light hits the crystals just right, they make beautiful rainbows on walls and ceilings.


Swarovski crystal prism, Swarovski pendants, or lightweight look alike (the centerpiece of the necklace) Matching beads (any beads or Swarovski beads) Clear elastic stringing


Blue half moon, Swarovski crystal prism with regular beads. Swarovski crystal prism in clear. Swarovski crystal prism look alike necklace with matching bracelet ( the look alike crystal prism was purchased at a craft store).

All supplies are available at a craft store except the Swarovski crystal prisms. I purchased mine from a specialty store. When looking for them keep in mind to ask for Swarovski crystal prisms or Swarovski crystal sun catchers.

Benefits of using a genuine Swarovski Crystal Prism

Swarovski crystal prisms produce a beautiful shine and are genuine crystals. Swarovski crystal prisms look classy and elegant and can be worn to special events.

Benefits of Using a Swarovski Crystal Prism Look Alike

A Swarovski crystal prism look alike is lightweight, making it less likely to break the string and easier to wear. A Swarovski crystal prism look alike will cost less money.


Put the Swarovski crystal prism, pendant, or look alike in the middle of the string. Add beads equally and in the same pattern to both sides. Make a tight not by wrapping string around two fingers and pulling through. Pull tight as you don’t want your necklace to fall apart.

I will add that I have never had a problem with my Swarovski crystal prism necklaces falling apart yet my children have. I recommend real Swarovski crystals for adults and the imitation for children.

Happy shopping and happy crafting!

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