Make-at-Home Cleaning and Beauty Products

Stain Removing All-Purpose Cleaner:
You will need a spray bottle for this product. Twelve to 24 oz. bottles work great. For a 24 oz. spray bottle, combine 12 oz. water and 12 oz. isopropyl alcohol. Add about 20 drops of a very good quality tea tree oil. I prefer Nature’s Sunshine brand. Replace the sprayer nozzle to the bottle and shake well to combine. It will have a foggy look. This is normal.

Use this tea tree oil cleaner on any type of grease stain (lipstick, crayon, food) as well as inks. Many marker, pen and even permanent inks will come out with this solution. This is also a wonderful air purifier. If a room or trash can are stinking up the place, simply spray the solution in the direction of the offending odor. It will smell like tea tree oil for up to an hour, but then have a fresh clean scent thereafter.

Fabric Refresher / Wrinkle Releaser:
You will need a 24 oz. spray bottle, up to 4 tbsp. of your favorite liquid fabric softener and enough water to fill to the shoulder of the bottle (about 23 oz.). Add the fabric softener to the bottle, and top off with water. Replace the sprayer nozzle and shake well. Use as you would Downy, Febreeze or any other wrinkle relaxer / fabric refresher.

Fruit / Veggie Wash: In a large bowl, combine 10-20 drops of grapefruit seed extract. Mix with your hand to dissolve. Add fruit / veggies and gently swish around. Remove and dry on a kitchen towel.

Foam Hand Soap Refill: When your foaming soap runs out of liquid, simply add 1-2 oz. of any liquid soap (shampoo, body wash, dish detergent [not automatic or containing bleach]) to the empty bottle. Top it off with water and shake well.

Powdered Laundry Soap:
You will need 1 bar of any bath soap (many people recommend ivory, but I don’t like Ivory. I had my mouth washed out with it too many times as a kid!) I prefer Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Basil scent. You also need about two cups of washing soda (by Arm & Hammer) and two cups borax. Grate the bar of soap with a kitchen grater. Combine in a large air tight container or glass jar with the other ingredients. Use 1 tbsp. per load! You can add essential oils such as a lavender/lemon combination to a batch that used unscented soap. Just add about 10 drops of each oil to the mixture and mix well to be sure the oil isn’t all in one place.

Jewelry Cleaner: You will need an old toothbrush and new toothpaste. Use a small amount of toothpaste to gently clean your favorite jewelry.

All Purpose Cleaner: Combine 1 cup white vinegar, 1 cup rubbing alcohol and 3 cups of water in a mixing cup. Add about 10 drops of essential oils as desired. Thyme and Tea Tree are great for killing germs. Lemon smells crisp and clean. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and use on counters, windows, bathroom surfaces, etc.

Leave In Conditioner Spray: If you have an empty bottle of leave in conditioner, simply add 1-4 tbsp. of your favorite hair conditioner to the bottle, top it off with water, shake well and there you have it. The amount of conditioner needed will vary by hair types. You don’t want to look weighed down or frizzy, so find your balance 1 tbsp. at a time. My son has short hair that just needs to be refreshed in the morning so he has 1 tbsp. of conditioner and a bit of tea tree oil (repells lice). My daughter has very long hair so her mixture is closer to 4 tbsp. with tea tree oil as well.

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