Make Your Own Furniture Polish

Conventional furniture polishes contain toxic chemicals that can cause adverse health effects when sprayed and inhaled. Many of these products contain chemicals such as propane, butane and petroleum. While those substances are great for fueling vehicles and machines, it is not so great to have those fumes lingering inside your home. Some of the ill effects this toxic spray can cause are aggravated asthma symptoms, allergy intensification and upper respiratory discomfort. Needless to say, the substance is highly flammable as well. Spraying and cleaning your wood furniture with this is not necessary because we have a natural alternative that we can use.

Want to clean and shine your wood furniture and varnished surfaces without using toxic furniture polish? A simple, natural non-toxic alternative is to use pure olive oil. That’s right, just pour it on a rag or directly on the surface to be polished and wipe until it shines. To get the sensation of that fresh and clean scent, just add essential oil to the bottle of olive oil and shake until it is fully mixed. I add a few drops of lemon essential oil to get that fresh lemony scent as in many of the popular furniture polishes.

Another alternative is to use olive or canola oil cooking spray. Spray the furniture the same as you would with conventional furniture polish and wipe.

Either method you try, you will be eliminating toxic fumes from the air in your home. This is especially important in the rooms where there are newborn babies, infants and people who suffer from asthma. Having those harmful fumes and chemicals circulating in your home can be very dangerous on a young developing respiratory system. You can even use old worn shirts to wipe the oil instead of paper towels to preserve trees.

With one natural cleaner at a time, we can eliminate the unnecessary toxic chemicals in our households for good.

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