Make Your Own Reusable Wet Wipes

Who knew you could make your own wet wipes? And you can make your own reusable wet wipes so you aren’t constantly spending big bucks in the store! Making your own reusable wet wipes is quick and easy- and they can be used for anything a regular wet wipe is used for, including removing your makeup and washing your intimates. So, whether you have a baby or not, knowing how to make your own reusable wet wipes can be a real money saver for sure!

What you need for making your own reusable wet wipes is flannel material cut into Kleenex-sized squares (you can buy flannel for making baby blankets at craft stores or you can go to thrift stores and purchase flannel blankets for cutting into squares cheaply), as many as your material allows. You will also need baby wash, tea tree oil (for antibacterial and skin healing aid), water, olive oil (to keep the skin from drying out), and an essential oil of your choice to make the wipes smell nice. I like vanilla/lavender, but lavender alone (or vanilla alone) is a great scent due to its calming properties.

To make your homemade wet wipes, combine 3 cups of warm water, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 3-6 drops of the essential oil of your choosing (my suggestion for facial wet wipes is to use a citrus like orange or lemon for exfoliation), 2 tablespoons of baby wash, and 3 drops of tea tree oil in a blender and mix until the oils have blended (you can whisk the mixture together as well).

Pour the liquid solution on your flannel cloths when you want to use them as wet wipes, and keep the solution handy in a spray or squirt bottle. I keep moistened cloths in a plastic baggie in the bathroom to use for my face. You can launder the cloths as normal in the wash, or simply rinse them out in the sink and allow them to air dry, then put solution on them again and again! You can keep these wet wipes handy in your purse in the baggie (for your face, cut the flannel strips in half rather than large size for easier use), or carry the wet wipe solution with you in a spray bottle to use in a pinch with an old T-shirt if you need to. Either way, making your own reusable wet wipes is super easy and fun!


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