Marigold, a Miracle of Restored Vision

Just a few years ago, marigold extract was responsible for miraculously restoring the vision in the left eye of Harry Marsland of England. The miracle was remarkable in that Mr. Marsland had been diagnosed with age related macular degeneration, an untreatable condition responsible for more than half the cases of blindness in England. The story was even more remarkable in that Mr. Marsland was a retired optician.

Mr. Marsland went to the eye clinic after a steady loss of vision in his left eye. Eight years earlier he had gone totally blind in his right eye because of an experimental laser treatment. With the increasingly poor vision in his left eye, Harry could no longer drive and could only read with the help of a magnifying glass. When he walked around at night, he had to hold on to his wife, because his night vision, which is dependent on the macula, was almost gone.

Harry tried a number of vitamin treatments, to no avail, and the condition continued to worsen until one day, he was handed a flyer in a doctor’s office. The flyer touted a vitamin supplement which contained mesozeaxanthin, a chemical extract derived from marigold. He started taking the capsules once a day in April of 2007, and by August his vision was 95% restored. “My wife noticed that the magnifier I used for reading was gathering dust,” Harry likes to say. He was also able to resume driving and could get about at night without holding on to his wife.

In traditional healing, Marigold extract stimulates the flow of bile circulation in the body. Increased bile flow improves digestion and also assists vision. Marigold extract is just one of seven natural plant extracts contained in BioVision, an herbal supplement promoting eye-health, which was recently released to the market.

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