Master Your Mind for Sales Success

Here is a secret to selling power: for the highest possible level of sales success you have to keep your mind pure of any doubt about two things:
1. The worthiness of what you are selling
2. Your worthiness to sell it

Success in sales, like success in any other area, requires your conviction to make it happen.

To doubt the worthiness of what you sell, or your worthiness to sell it, depletes your selling power.

There are two basic reasons for this:
1. Your attitude radiates and it’s contagious. In other words, your prospect or client will either consciously or subconsciously sense your doubt and replicate it in his or her attitude.
2. Doubt diminishes your level of enthusiasm, making your efforts weaker and your strategies less potent.

in order to achieve all of the success in the selling profession that you desire, you need to not only find the right product or service to sell, you have to master your mind.

The mental mastery required goes beyond just affirming positive statements to yourself like, “I believe in what I’m Selling. I believe in my worthiness to sell it.”

These examples of positive thinking certainly have value. BUT AT LEAST AS IMPORTANT, you have to avoid NEGATIVE THINKING.

For the greatest success in sales, then, you have to master your mind in two ways:
1. Cultivate a strong, positive attitude regarding what you are selling.
2. Release any negative attitudes, like doubt, about the value of what you are selling.

This is not a matter of just “psyching” yourself. It is about harnessing the full selling power of your mind to make your most wonderful dreams come true. It is about avoiding the common pitfall of mental self-sabotage.

Negative thinking is really the ONLY obstacle to selling success.

Don’t worry about the objections of clients or prospects. When you truly believe in what you are doing, you will come up with ways to overcome them.

Don’t worry about the resistance of gate keepers. When you believe in what you are doing, WITHOUT A DOUBT, you will find your way to the open doors.

It is only a sales person‘s self-doubt that can block sales success.

It is most tempting to entertain doubt when a sales attempt seems not to work.

When the customer declines the up-sell, or the prospect declines the sales offer, or the gatekeeper keeps you out, it is tempting and easy to indulge in self-doubt.

But this is precisely when it is most important to master your mind for selling success.

All areas of life demonstrate a pattern of cycles. This includes the sales profession.

There will be cycles of “easy picking” and cycles of nothing seeming to work. In between those two extremes will be cycles of varying degrees of things working the way you want.

During ALL cycles develop your ability to trust that everything really is working in line with your best interest, even if the “how” is not obvious.

Particularly when you feel disappointed with an outcome, learn how to let go of your feelings of disappointment, and of the thoughts that keep those feelings alive.

Look for what you can gain from whatever happens. You can always gain mental mastery by working on keeping your mind free of entertaining depressing notions.

To increase your selling power for greater sales success, master your mind.

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