Max & Dylan’s Restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts

Max & Dylan’s Kitchen and Bar in Boston, Massachusetts is a top choice among visitors to the historic city in search of Boston comfort food. Located at 15 West Street, the popular restaurant is situated in the historic Downtown area of Boston offering tourists an inside view of locals and cuisine.

Part of what is known as the popular Boston restaurant scene, Max and Dylan’s is a family friendly dining venue offering patrons a welcoming, warm, and casual environment in which to sit back, get comfortable and enjoy exquisitely prepared Boston comfort food. Ideal any time of year but perfect for cooler weather comfort food is what we seek for fulfillment and at Max and Dylan’s the choices of impeccably prepared dishes await including local and international favorites.

The menu at Max and Dylan’s includes comfort food dishes from around the world. So, in addition to the expected seafood dishes, chowders and such there are a number of Southern dishes and much more. A personal favorite is the pulled pork sliders dressed in BBQ sauce and served with macaroni and cheese. Another favorite is the meatloaf at Max & Dylan’s and it is a homemade version to remember served with favorite sides and hot bread. You can’t leave Boston without enjoying the seafood and at Max & Dylan’s you can enjoy as little or as much as you like. Try the macaroni and cheese version made with lobster or a complete lobster – or the delicious BBQ New Orleans shrimp which is definitely memorable.

Overall a dining experience at Max & Dylan’s Kitchen and Bar in Boston is an ideal choice for singles, couples and families and is perfect for a large gathering. Seating is comfortable most anywhere, the wait staff is great and the food is excellent. Prices are fairly average with most complete meals ranging from $30 to $40. Street and lot parking is available to patrons.

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