Mean and Menacing 2011 Harley-Davidson Iron 883 Sportster

Harley-Davidson Riders Wanted Low Cost, Fuel Economy

If riders wanted style, flash and the classic Harley-Davidson motorcycle sound, while not give it to them in an affordable package? Harley-Davidson listened to riders who wanted 50-plus mpg fuel economy and didn’t want anything more than a $200 a month payment.

Thus, the 2011 Harley-Davdison Iron 883 Sportster was born.

Sportster’s Defiant Spirit

The 2011 Harley-Davidson Iron 883 Sportster is the defiant motorcycle that embraces the pure essence of riding. Black chopped fenders show off a lot rubber. Black powder coated rocker covers highlight an unobtrusive look.

Spotster’s Great Fuel Economy
The Iron 883 Sportster starts out at $7,999 and offers 60 mpg out of a 883 CC motor that deliverers 59 pounds-feet of torque at a reasonably low 3,500 rpm.

Sportster Speed and Power
That’s good enough to get the 548-pound Iron 883 Sportster up to speed relatively quickly if you aren’t headed for the drag strip. Remember, Harley-Davidson aimed this bike at those on a budget and hungry for good fuel economy.

The Iron 883 Sportster gets a 3.3-gallon fuel tank that should get you well over 150 miles between fill ups. That’s about the time that you’d want to stretch your legs, take some weight off your butt or grab a brewski and hot dog anyway. Isn’t it?

Sportster Size

Harley-Davidson designed the seat height to come in at just less than 27 inches, so anyone 5-foot-5 or taller should have no problem motoring this gem down the highway. I’m 5-foot-7 and had lots of room.

The Iron 883 Sportster is 85 inches long with a nearly 60-inch wheel base so bigger and taller riders will be able to comfortably ride this Harley-Davidson motorcycle to their favorite destination.

Don’t worry about ape hangers on this bike, Harley-Davidson wouldn’t have it any other way. The Iron 883 comes with drag bars instead.

Sporster Paint

The Iron 883 Sportster comes in two paint schemes. You can get a Iron 883 in an all flat black paint scheme as once choice. I prefer the one with or one with a black engine, frame and topped off with a school-bus yellow gas tank and fenders. Both are equally as sharp.

Harley-Davidson has been making the Sportster since 1957, according to Motorcycle USA. In the 1960s, Sportsters where the starting point for many bikers who chopped them down, added long forks and customized them to be different from any other bike on the road.

For photos of the Harley-Davidson Iron 883 Sportster, go here.

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