Medical Tourism- Amerimed Hospital, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico-

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Did you skip those Botox treatments or face lift because they were too expensive? Now Cosmetic and Bariatric treatments are not only affordable but you can enjoy a vacation at the Casa Velas Hotel while recuperating! Just let your insurance company pay for it.

Medical Tourism is growing today and you don’t have to go far, just visit Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I traveled “on location” to see the Amerimed Hospital. After touring the hospital, Dr. Marcelo Bialek, Surgeon Specialist in Varicose Veins and Coordinator of Medical Tourism, explained, “We use the latest technology from the United States and adhere to their medical guidelines. Our doctors speak English.

Whenever I am contacted about our Cosmetic or Bariatric procedures, I send all of their information to one of our specialists. They will fill-out a questionnaire about their medical history and send a photograph in the case of plastic surgery. We also take complete lab tests before surgery. Our Cosmetic and Bariatric procedures are only available as elective surgeries. When a person decides to improve their face, abdomen or the whole body they can call me for a consultation.

The benefits of traveling to Puerto Vallarta are the costs of the procedures, hospital room, medical supplies and the trip. The prices are more reasonable here and we contact the patient’s insurance company in the United States to arrange the details.

Our elective cosmetic and bariatric procedures include Face Lifts, Dermabrasion, Peels, Botox, Laser Therapy, Rhinoplasties, Mammoplasties, Blefaroplasty (eyelid rejuvenation), Otoplasty (ears), Tummy Tucks, Gastric Bypass, Varicose Vein treatments, and more.”

Amerimed has been operated as a hospital in addition to medical tourism with a 24/7 emergency room and full hospital facilities.


After the procedure, the patient spends one to two days at Amerimed Hospital, depending on the doctor’s recommendations, and then continues their recovery at the Casa Velas Hotel.

The best part of improving your looks is the recovery! The Casa Velas luxury Hotel is the perfect place to enjoy world-class cuisine, unique spa treatments and beautiful surroundings. A package with Amerimed Hospital and the Casa Velas Hotel includes coordinating the patient’s spa treatments and meals with the doctor. AND the doctor even visits you in your suite. Their room service is available 24/7.


The Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board invites tourists to enjoy their restaurants, tours, activities and year-round summer.

Our Recommendations: If you wish a romantic evening, take a boat to the Rhythms of the Night Dinner Show. The Tequila Tasting Tour brings you out into the country to see the factory and processes in the making of Tequila. Watch the turtles hatching at the Casa Magna Marriot Resort’s Turtle Program. The City Tour brings you to Puerto Vallarta’s Old Town and the famous Malecon. Try the Trio Café or Café des Artistes while you are strolling around their Old Town! Learn how to cook a three course Mexican lunch. [email protected]


Delta Airlines offers weekly web fare specials from $59 each way. For information about special fares to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, call ( 800)-221-1212.

(Please Note: This article is meant to bring information about Medical Tourism. Check your insurance coverage, contact the hospital and ask questions.)

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