Medicinal Values of the Mustard Plant

Mustard may be white, black or brown. White mustard is the mildest and has distinct leaves that are small and rough. The flowers are clustered together and the mustard fruit has elongated pod shapes. The pods contain the seeds that are white-yellow in color. Black mustard has reddish-brown to black color seeds. Black mustard has seed pods that are black but may have a variance of brown too. Black mustard has a very strong taste and smell. Brown mustard is very similar to black mustard but has more rounded leaves at its base and will thin out toward the tip. It also has a variance in color ranging from light to dark brown. Brown mustard is less pungent than the black but is more aromatic than the white.

Mustard has many properties and benefits that make it an excellent plant to use in home remedies. Mustard contains mucilages which has a laxative effect. Not to be taken lightly as with any laxative please be cautious. They can be helpful from time-to-time but should not be relied on a daily basis.

The white mustard seed provides the mildest effect. It is an excellent source of protein, calcium, magnesium and potassium. You can combine white mustard seed with warm water and along with massage can help stimulate blood circulation. Mustard also has anti-inflammatory properties.

So how do you use mustard seed to promote better health? Before you begin any herbal therapy consult with your doctor and always be aware of how your body responds to therapy.

Mustard baths can be prepared by adding seeds to warm bath water to help relieve headaches, colds and other chest ailments. Mustard seeds have a remarkable effect on respiratory ailments.

If constipated, ingest a spoonful of white mustard seeds to find some relief.

Loss of appetite may be treated by adding a few black mustard seeds to a glass of milk and drinking prior to a meal.

If you suffer from asthma apply a black mustard poultice to your chest for 20 minutes.

You must always use caution with at-home remedies. Mustard seed if not ingested correctly may induce vomiting and remember it may also be used as a laxative so be careful.

If applying as a poultice mustard may start to burn the skin. If the burning sensation becomes too strong remove the poultice at once.

Always use extreme caution. Herbs like medicines should only be used after consulting your physician.

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