Mentally Handicapped Man Tased by Police Officer in Prescott, Arizona

In Prescott, Arizona, an unidentified, mentally handicapped, man asked a woman for some spare money so that he could eat. The woman turned him down and opted to call the police. A uniformed officer responded to the complaint, telling the man not to move. The unidentified male complies, putting his hands in the air near his head, the police officer tasers him and he hits the ground. After 10 seconds the male is tasered again while being kicked by the Officer.

Tasers are dangerous , it is up to the individual police officer to determine whether force is needed to get a suspect into custody safely, but in this case there was no threat to the officer or any other citizens. Tasers are meant to be used instead of deadly force, to incapacitate a suspect when they are not cooperating or become a threat to themselves or other citizens . Although helpful in subduing a suspect, the side effects may include scaring, neck injury, eye injury and even death. Those who have a heart condition are more prone to go into cardiac arrest, however there have been instances where the suspect had no preexisting condition and after being tased for more than the recommended 2-5 seconds, went into cardiac arrest.

Watch video of the incident at Courtesy of Thomas Miller , Worldinfohub.

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