Michele Bachmann, the White Power Presidential Candidate

I will admit that I voted for President Obama, and that I am disappointed in his presidency. He is a weak leader and has been unable to solve America’s economic problems as he promised..

He has not been able to bring Congress together to solve the financial mess that now plagues the country. Instead, there is the same old bickering and finger pointing as citizens continue to suffer with unemployment, less money, high food and fuel prices, and declining home values.

What we need now is a hero, and so far I don’t see one on the horizon. In fact, one Presidential candidate, Conservative Straw Poll winner, Michele Bachmann, (Republican Rep. from Minnesota,) boggles the mind with her political antics. Hopefully she will be gone soon, but you never know.

As a woman, I would love to see a woman on the presidential ticket, who has dignity, intelligence, economic experience, is familiar with world problems and will represent all Americans regardless of race, religion and sexual preference. Michele Bachman is not that woman.

Her record in congress does not show any significant accomplishments, only divisive rhetoric, right-wing pandering, and self promotion.

Bachmann’s frequent “misspeaks” are embarrassing and raise questions about her basic intelligence.

A recent “misspeak” happened on August 16th, during a campaign stop. As Bachmann played Elvis Presley’s Promised Land in the background, she told the crowd of 300 that “before we start, we should all say Happy Birthday to the king of rock and roll.”

One of the crowd yelled out that “He died today.” Elvis died on August 16, 1970. He was born on January 8, 1935.

A similar gaffe occurred when she visited Waterloo, Iowa on her kick-off campaign, calling it the home of actor John Wayne. Bachmann says she identifies with John Wayne’s patriotism and praised the actor and the little town.

However, Waterloo, Iowa was not the home of actor John Wayne. It was home to another John Wayne, serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

Actor John Wayne lived in Winterset, Iowa, 150 miles away. Although Bachmann refers to these gaffes as “misspeaks,” it shows lack of preparation, and makes her look out of touch and foolish..

She blasts growing welfare programs and government handouts. She wants to wean us off Social Security. She talks about “standing on her own two feet,” but her husband accepted $137,000 from Medicaid and another $24,000 in state and federal funds for his Christian Counseling clinic. He bills Medicaid for most of his services.

Her family got $260,000 in government farm subsidies, while she and her hubby got a $417,000 Fannie Mae backed mortgage loan for their new home. Bachman sure knows how to milk the very system she criticizes.

She and her husband are also 1 million dollars in debt. Is this the personal fiscal responsibility she talks to her Tea Partiers about? It’s the old “do as I say, not as I do.”

And then there are all those pesky gays who need to be” de-gayed.” When asked if gay couples who adopt should be considered a family, she would not answer the question, saying that marriage between a man and woman makes a family. Does that mean that gay families don’t exist?

Her husband’s clinic offers Christian counseling for gays hoping to change their sexual orientation. She refuses to acknowledge that Americans come in all religions and sexual preferences. Her bigotry and Right Wing rhetoric are unacceptable.

Hopefully Bachman will not be the GOP presidential candidate and will go away soon.

To hear her views on gays click here



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