Modern Democracy

I think the EU should make Greece an experiment in the concept of controlled bancruptcy. Too big to fail put to the test.

The solvent states of the EU do not want to over invest in a recalcitrant nation with a protesting population. Let them build back their credit worthiness as an independent soverign state. Let them prove they are viable as a lazy, laid back tourist nation.

Save Italy and Ireland at least they are willing to work. A lot of their problems were brought about by following the American models of finance, banking and borrowing. Perhaps the U.S. should help by offering them cooperative trade agreements and an extended financial hand to help with the deleveraging.

The Swiss are in a position to help their neighbors, yet they have such a long history of neutrality and self interest they are willing to face self ruin rather than reach out. Their overvalued currency is stangling tourism, exports and every industry in the country. An investment of Swiss francs into the EU can only help all involved.

France is the only country to make any long term austerity moves. The conservative British short term cuts will prove to be unsettling and inadequate. Perhaps the American right wing should propose that Social Security and Medicare be available only after the death of potential recipients. All education should be home schooled by idiot parents. Fund only the military and police. Let business interests rule by the cold logic of the bottom line. Deport everyone with undesirable credentials; Arabs, Hispanics, refugees and over educated orientals. Oh hell, send away everyone with brown skin. We have to keep the blacks because they are bought and paid for.

This next American election could portend a point of good decision or a complete disaster. As Grandmother always used to say, “Be careful what you wish for, it may come true.” Change must be dictated not wished for.

The Constitution decribes America but like the Bible it is open to all kinds of odd interpretations. Perhaps a council of wizards should tighten up the Constitution and let the people vote on it. Remember the Contitution was formed and signed by committee and never offered for public approval. It was ratified by states but not offered for general vote. That act in itself may be unconstitutional.

In this day of instant communication and computerization it is possible for every citizen to be directly connected to his or her congressman. True representative democracy is possible. Let them do as they are told. Practical governance has no room for ideology and self interpretation by elected entities as we have seen. This way governance would be controlled by those willing to participate. The decision making process of Congress (the vote) only takes a matter of minutes all of the rest is bullshit. With the people’s tally’s in their minds and mandated Congressional decision would take a few hours a week. The rest of their time would be spent in oversight and implementation.

I trust common wisdom and am willing to live by the will of the people.



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