Mohonk Mountain House Offers Scenic Views that Appeal to Hikers of All Levels

Whether you enjoy a picturesque stroll on wide trails, or more challenging rock climbs over a network of paths that jut out around the lake, the grounds at Mohonk Mountain house offers beautiful trails to meet your needs. If you are a guest of the 256 Victorian Castle or just a day visitor you can explore 85 miles of hiking trails.

Day visitors can pay $20/person to gain access to the Mohonk Mountain House grounds. Besides the myriad of hiking trails, one of which that ends in spectacular views of the Hudson Valley atop Skytop Tower, day visitors can enjoy the award winning gardens and a Victorian maze.

Visitors can park their cars at the lower lot of the resort, close to the gatehouse where they will pay their entrance fee. You’ll be given an wrist band to identify you as a day visitor, although I have never been questioned on the trails. It’s about a 2 mile walk to the resort and to the main house, but don’t tire yourself out there. The main trails and rock scrambles up to Skytop Tower begin at the lake and the view is worth the wait.

For those with young children or less mobile companions there is a wide walking trail, that still provides exercise up to the top of the tower. And as you walk up there are plenty of opportunities to cross small walkways and abutments built into the cliff side to see amazing views of the lake and the Victorian Castle.

For those looking for more of a challenge, you can take on the challenge of the Labyrinth and scramble over and down boulders and through a tight passage called the Lemon Squeeze, which ends in a ladder climb to the tower. Painted arrows mark your way. Note this is a more challenging trail and shouldn’t be attempted by young children.

Once at Skytop Tower you can enter the Tower and climb the stairs up and out of the top. From there you have a 360 degree, panoramic view of the surrounding lake, mountain and valley.

Mohonk offers a rest stop area down on the property called the Picnic Lodge, which has become the universal meeting place for day visitors. You can bring or purchase lunch, sit and rest up for your next climb at the sheltered picnic tables on the porch.

Mohonk is open year round and provides beautiful seasonal views of the Hudson Valley from its many trails.

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