Moist Soil Loving Native Plants

In the world of Native Plants, there are those plants that prefer various things. There are those that like rich soils, some that prefer harsh environments, and these – the ones that prefer nice moist soils. Perfect for marshes, or those areas that hold water, these are the plants that will be well suited for growth.

Aconitum uncinatum (Southern Blue Monkshood)

Southern Blue Monkshood is a flowering plant that is part of the buttercup family. It is a beautiful hooded flower that has blooms of violet/blue color nearly an inch in size. These flowers will need to be in any sunlight, from shade to sun, and in moist soil beds. They are able to be propagated by dividing the plant itself or by collecting seed via the dried pods that will hang from them. Southern Blue Monkshood is a alkaloid plant that can be poisonous if it is ingested. Take care around it.

Campsis radicans (Trumpet Creeper)

Trumpet Creeper is a flowering plant that is part of the Trumpet creeper family of plants. It is a partially invasive runner that is happy along a fenceline. It is a fast growing plant, especially in full sun and in the moist soil environments. They can have red, orange, or yellow flowers on them and grow up to 40 feet on a vine. Propagation can be done via root division or by their suckers.

Cardamine concatenata (Cutleaf Toothwort)

Cutleaf Toothwort is a flowering plant that is part of the Mustard family. It is a foot high flower that has toothlike projections. It likes partial to full shade. There are white/pink/lavender flowers that are bellshaped and small. They love moist good soil. They are very very tiny and interesting as an accompaniment to other flowers in the garden.

Chelone glabra (White Turtlehead)

White Turtlehead is a flowering plant that is part of the Figwort family. It can get up to three feet high and has a white hooded turtle shaped flower. They will be white blooms but can also be pink or greenish in tint. They love shade and moist soils, with the propagation of it being in dividing it. These are always one to get your garden club talking.

Native Plants that will Thrive in Marshy Soils

These are all plants that are native to the United States. They are all ones that will thrive in the moist marshy soils and will not have issues with mold or disease. Native plants tend to have a better ability to live in different areas instead of fighting with a plant to grow in an environment that it isn’t suited for.

This article originally was published on Suite 101 on Dec. 23, 2008.

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