MomsLikeMe is Closing

This morning, the MomsLikeMe team announced that they will closing on Friday, October 14, 2011.

The site has been a place for mothers to come together to discuss all sorts of topics, from birthday party planning to recipes to the best places for family photos.

The announcement surprised many members of the site, and some even questioned if it could be hoax.

In the announcement, the Moms Like Me team wrote, “We have been very pleased to be a gathering place for moms, but the market has evolved substantially since we launched three years ago, and there are many new and different ways for you to connect and engage.”

Some of the members’ comments claim that local site managers did not even know this was coming.

A FAQ page has been created to answer questions that members may have.

When the site closes, all postings will be lost. The site will not be accessible after October 14. In addition, postings on the website, according to the FAQ page, will remain property the website’s owner, Gannett Company, Inc. and cannot be reposted elsewhere.

Coincidentally, Gannett’s CEO, Craig Dubow, officially stepped down today.

Whether the two announcements are related is impossible to say, at the moment.

MomsLikeMe Announcement:
MomsLikeMe FAQ:
Gannett CEO Steps Down:

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