Mortal Kombat 2011: The Lastest Release to the MK Series — Where Does it Stand?

Mortal Kombat 2011 the latest release to the MK series. Where does it stand?

Mortal Kombat has gone through a lot of up’s and down’s lately. Between the release of MK Armageddon and Midway’s bankruptcy, along with the release of MK vs. DC universe. And now they tackle the task of remaking Mortal Kombat, but with a very interesting twist.

As a fan of the Mortal Kombat series, I was hurt over MK Armageddon, but when I seen and played MK vs. DC universe; they were forgiven. I understood why Armageddon felted rushed, and when I did my research everything became clear to me. Working on a game that plans on capturing the attention of fans of two WELL establish franchises, and then mergering them into a game. Impressed I was, and impressed I still am. This impression was furthered when I found out they pulled off the story line plot; and neither side looked bad {you know, was showed up by the other side}, and no characters were killed off. All this with a cherry on top; they had a writer from DC Comics come in to help. All of this made for a damn good game; could it be topped?

This was the burning question I had to get answered, as always when I hear of a new MK game i totally flip bananas; plus upon researching about the game before I got my hands on it, I found out that Midway wasn’t exactly developing this game {Well they were Midway Chicago, but they now wear the name Nether Realm Studios}, so there was a few nervous movements when I started to think, that this new development might screw everything up, but I wasn’t that worried.

When I got my hands on it, I found me a cozy spot, flipped the gameplay options on Expert, and jumped right into the storyline part of the game. WOW! A flipping masterpiece! They take you to the end of Armageddon, which is the beginning of this alternate Mortal Kombat {I believe what they did was show what happens if Shao Kahn won, but Raiden prevent this by launching one last move; which sparked this Alternate Mortal Kombat}. They toss you into a “Back to the Future” type thing that not only fills in little bits of info that you might have not have been clear on or seen in all the other MK’s, but does it with great detail.

The cut-scenes were flipping great, I found myself having to the pick the controller back up; because I had forgot it was a game {getting engulfed into the storyline}. I also loved the fact that they kept it familiar as far as the gameplay; you will play with everyone, see everyone’s storyline and a bit of history on each character; just like MK vs. DC. I REALLY loved the fact that this game gave off the feeling of being back in its roots, meaning “This game is no Push Over, and it’s not short”! One of the greatest things in the game is that it’s taking you for a ride through MK 1, 2, 3 and a little bit of 4. It took me 3 to 4 days to beat the story mode. I was and still am satisfied.

After the 3 to 4 days, it took me another 2 to 3 weeks to beat all of the 300 challenges that they threw in, and I admit; they could have did a better job with that, but I wasn’t complaining; hell I had beat the storyline and started on the challenges; I still had to go through the ladder matches in arcade, the tag team mode {VERY FLIPPIN EXCITED ABOUT THAT!} the online versus, the krypt, and the extra people that were released that I still don’t got money to get; the game is packed with hours of bloody, flesh ripping fun.

Usually add-on’s to games are a bad touch, a lot of the time they end up messing up the mechanics of the game. Like they really didn’t have the mechanics down in the online aspect of MK Armageddon; it was not cool. But they got it SO right this time, I love the enhanced moves and the X-ray moves are just another great way to dish out the hurt. Imagine a damn near Fatality in the middle of the fight, and it shows the damage on an internal level. I don’t want to go too much further; and I assure you there is much more.

For the fans out there like me, this MK game is a must.

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