Movie Review: Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Special Blu-ray+DVD+Digital Copy

When Manny rolls out his favorite Christmas decoration Sid of course has to use his special destruction abilities to wreck even a solid granite ball the size of a Volkswagen to kick off the holiday season right in Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Special.

Film making 22/25
Video 22/25
Audio 22/25
Bonus Features 14/25
Total 80/100

For a minute let’s forget that the ice age was thousands of years before the birth of Christ turned into a holiday, for that matter let’s forget about talking animals. Sid destroys Manny’s favorite Christmas decoration after he rolls it out to get ready for their Christmas holiday celebration.

Peaches and Ellie are decidedly down hearted when the Christmas starts off on such a bad note so Sid goes in search of Santa’s workshop to make things better. Manny told Sid with help from Diego that he was on Santa’s naughty list so Sid goes to the North Pole to convince Santa he is good.

Sid and the two Possum’s Crash and Eddie head off into the wild and frozen lands of the north, well, all the world is frozen but at least they have never been to the north pole before. Peaches follows them because she wants to see everyone have a merry Christmas together so they head off to find Santa.

The Holiday short from those Ice Age friends all make for a fun and cheerful time with the usual message about friendship, holiday spirit and being good. Of course with Sid and the saber tooth squirrel things can be anything but serious, pretty comical in fact.

A Mammoth Christmas Special is a fun romp with those Ice Age furry beasts but it is only 26 minutes, with only two other pieces of content on the Blu-ray disc there is not much here at all. In addition to the Christmas short the Blu-ray and DVD copies along with the Digital copy includes a Swinging Jingle Bells Music Video and a preview of the upcoming feature length film Ice Age: Continental Drift.

The disc only includes about 45 minutes of content which at a cost of $10 starts to be a reasonable value but having a coupon or sale would make it much better. The additional preview of Continental Drift is hilarious, Sid has a relative who is alive but needs a bath desperately while the music video is alright.

The Jingle Bells music video is simply a mash up of clips from the short film to the Jingle Bells tune which is not a real treat but it is okay. The bonus content is in the same style and quality as the CGI animated short which is pretty good for both the Blu-ray and the DVD edition.

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Special on Blu-ray looks and sounds great with very well done CGI animation as you have come to expect for these types of features. The bonus content is pretty good but with only three things on the Blu-ray, DVD and digital copy the cost is about at the max I would be willing to pay.

I can recommend Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Special for a purchase or a rental as long as you can find it for a low price like under about ten bucks.

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