Myths About Depression that You Should Know

Depression is a poorly understood medical condition that may lead to inappropriate or even harmful treatment. Many attempt to self medicate and fail to recognize that depression is a treatable medical condition.

Depression VS The Blues

There is a very big difference between depression and the blues. The blues only last for a few days to maybe a week. It’s normal to be sad when a loved one dies. Depression however, is a treatable medical condition that will last until treatment is sought.

Depression is a Weakness

This is another myth of depression. Depression is a medical condition that can be treated by a doctor. It’s not a personality flaw or weakness due to laziness or lack of caring by a patient.

Depression VS Stress

There is stress in simple everyday living. A person is considered depressed when they can’t seem to shake a feeling of doom, sadness or unhealthy feelings of desperation.

Depression is Genetic

Because your relative has depression, you will too. Although doctors believe that genetics play a role in depression and that you’re more likely to have depression if a close relative has it, there is no absolute that you’ll have it. Doctors believe the risk is tied to a combination of factors including biochemical, psychological and environmental factors.

You Must Protect a Person with Depression

A person with depression needs to see a doctor and get help. Protecting them from their diagnosis will not help them in any way, in fact, it just might make it worse. If you suspect your loved one is depressed ask them to take this quiz, it just might save their life.

Depression is a common illness that for decades was swept under the rug and not discussed. Many people went untreated due to the stigma associated with depression, bi polar and other similar conditions. Getting the proper medical care is imperative to overcoming problems with depression.

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