Natural Skin Care

Chemical skincare products can often create as many problems as they resolve. The move away from them to natural products is a hot trend, and it’s for a good reason. Unfortunately, if you buy them ready-made, you’re probably spending a bundle.

What if I told you that many skincare products can come from the aisles of your grocery store…and I don’t mean the skincare aisle? Believe it or not, they can.

Acne: A mixture of honey and oats can make an effective facial scrub. Tomato slices or pureed tomato can be a good mask and water that has had oats soaking in it can be a soothing toner. Garlic is sometimes helpful for blackheads, though it does sting a lot.

Dry Skin: The same oat toner will help dry skin, as it’s an emollient. You can also use avocado as a moisturizer. You don’t have to use the whole thing, just rub the inside of the peel over the area, let it sit for a few minutes and rinse off with cool water.

Massage Oils: I can mix quite a few exotic oils, but that comes from my training. You don’t have to do anything but walk down the oil aisle in your grocery store. One of the oils I use the most is olive oil. Even without other ingredients added to it, it’s good for your skin.

If you want to add something more, you can make an oil extraction very easily. A half teaspoon of dried rosemary in about two cups of olive oil can make a nice, refreshing massage oil. To get the full effect, wait six weeks before using it. Always store it in a cool, dark place so it doesn’t lose its potency.

Bath Time: You can buy bath salts and sachets, but it’s a lot cheaper to make them. To do it, you’ll need cheesecloth and cooking twine. One of the best is still the humble oat. It soothes the skin and has a calming influence.

You can add other things as well. Vanilla smells good, though it is a rather expensive bath additive. Rosemary and anise may also be helpful. They can provide aromatherapy as well as skin therapy. Rosemary has a reputation for sharpening the mind. Wrap the herbs and/or oats in the cheesecloth and tie the bag closed before tossing it into the hot water. That will help prevent the need for a plumber after your bath.

If you have underlying medical problems, particularly if they affect the skin, talk to your doctor or dermatologist before using any of these remedies. There is always the potential for side effects or drug/herb interactions.

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