How can i stop the bleeding

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Apply pressure directly onto the wound to stop the bleeding. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Wash your hands thoroughly. If you’re treating someone other than yourself, put on latex or medical… ・ 2 Have the injured person apply steady, direct pressure to the wound for 15 minutes with a piece of sterile… ・ 3 Check the wound …
・ Lean forward and spit out any blood. Sit up and lean forward so you don’t have to swallow the blood. … ・ A cold washcloth applied to the forehead, bridge of the nose, back of the neck, or under the upper lip …
It should be all right to wait until Monday, however if it bleeds large amounts you may need to visit the vet sooner. Some practices are open on Sunday mornings – you could ask around and see if anyone will give you an appointment that isn’…

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My husband sliced the tips of two fingers yesterday with a potato peeler, How can we stop bleeding? sugar?
Q: He sliced the skin off – nothing to stitch. We got it to stop bleeding yesterday, but the bandage stuck and now it’s bleeding again and won’t stop. My Mom always put sugar on bleeding, does that work?
A: There is a chance of a serious infection setting into his fingers or tetanus, he needs to be looked at by a doctor and have the wounds taken care of properly.
Can you take an extra birth control pill to stop breakthrough bleeding?
Q: I run my packs together for convenience but this morning i had some light spotting. i’ve taken all my pills on time, 9pm every night – can i add an extra one in this morning to stop the breakthrough bleeding? would that work? like double-up??
A: No. Do not do this. Never monkey around with your dosages, as messing with the levels of hormones is a great way to cause MORE breakthrough bleeding (and probably make you feel awful in the process). Your body is bleeding for a reason. Most women cannot continuously cycle without getting SOME bleeding throughout the year, and you are obviously no different. Continue to take your pills ONCE a day at the same time every day, and the breakthrough bleeding will stop soon.
How to stop bleeding from mouth in a cat?
Q: I have a 17 year old cat that has been diagnosed with cancer (fibrosarcoma). The tumor is on the upper jaw left side. It has progressed to the point where surgery is not an option. The vet has said the only possible treatment is steroids, which we have been giving him. We are also trying some herbal remedies (IP6 and Maitake Mushroom) to help slow the growth of the tumor. He has developed nose bleeds from the expanding tumor. Those we have managed to control. But tonight he has begun to bleed from the mouth. Is there anyway to stop the bleeding from the mouth?He is still active and able to eat on his own. He is not indicating he is in pain either.
A: I just lost my 17 – year – old cat,Jet to the same nasty cancer in June.She had gotten to the point where it was too painful for her to eat,and she was down to about 4 lbs.She was bleeding from the mouth,too.I don’t know what you could do to stop it;I would just wait until Jet’s stopped on it’s own.It was awful,though.I was going to have her put down on a Monday,and on Sunday night,she tried to eat a little,and aspirated the food and choked to death.I think the tumor ate through to her trachea.I don’t know what to tell you,but I just wanted to share my experience with this horrible cancer.Bless you and your cat.
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