How can you hurt your hernia

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If you strain or lift something heavy you could hurt your hernia. An untreated hernia will not get better on its own.ChaCha again! [ Source: ]
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Where does a hernia hurt?
Mayo Clinic has info on different types of hernias. This one is intestinal. They also have a symptom checker. Try that once you are on the site. It sounds more like a hemorrhoid. You can read about that on the site also. Good luck figuring …
Does hernia surgery hurt?
You’ll be very sore that’s for sure but nothing your doctor can’t manage with medication on a short term basis. The good thing is that this pain will be short lived where your hernia pain wasn’t going away without the surgery Good luck and …
When does a hernia hurt?
The discomfort you feel especially when you cough, lift something heavy, or stand for a long time comes from the constant pressure of tissue pushing its way through the weakened spot in your body. As more tissue pushes through the weakened …

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does a hernia make your testicles hurt is it possible or is that a definent sign of something more serious ?
Q: if so what?? should i be worried cause i am so worried i can’t even express how worried i am in words
A: If you have a hernia then yes the pain could be coming from that. It could be a testicular torsion (twist inj) or an inflammation – it’s worth getting it seen to as they are easily fixed.
Does a hernia hurt, and can you get one after abdominal surgery?
Q: I have recently had a hysterectomy, where they cut me from my belly button down, I have now got a lump next to my scar that is very painful. My doctor felt it yesterday, and was getting me to cough, I explained it was very painful, he said it will be!(some help)he said it was a weakness in the muscle wall, I take it from this he means a hernia?If so, is it normal for it to be so painful, I can’t wear most of my clothes as they rest on it. Any advice would be greatly welcomed.
A: Sounds like a hernia. Still, you should phone his nurse and ask her to confirm this from your chart. Also ask for a time frame as to when it should start feeling better. State clearly and strongly how much this hurts & the extent to which it interferes with your dressing & daily activities. Ask at what point you should take action if it’s not feeling better.If you get no satisfactory attention/answers, seek a 2nd opinion from a Dr. who is a more skilled listener & communicator. Reasearch hernias on WebMD & other good sites, and be aware that without adequate treatment it can cause tissue strangulation-a very painful emergency.Not to scare you, but your instincts are right, and you need some better answers now.Take good care, said a prayer for you, hope you are recovering more quickly very soon.
How do you know when a hernia has spread to your bowel?
Q: i found two lumps on my groin about a week ago, my abs hurt terribly and doing anything but laying on my back hurts. and i know hernias can spread. today, ive pooping, well not really pooping, its more like peeing out of my but, its that liquified. someone wanna tell me whats wrong.
A: See a physicain! Hernias don’t spead to your bowels and cause liquid diarreah. I don’t know where you read this. Consult a doctor…….not anyone on answers.
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