Spirit Guides

A great many people feel strongly that they have spirit guides with them. A lot of people refer to their guides as angels or guardian angels. Whatever they are named they can be a strong presence and influence on a person. A spirit guide is always there to give positive help. Any negative influence that is coming through is not coming from them. In fact they are there to help you deal with some of these negative influences. There are a few different types of spirit guides that people experience. Some are guides that are personal and others are helping many people at once.

“Ascended masters” are spirits who were influential on earth as humans and now continue their work from the spirit world by helping groups of people. This means that if a spirit with you is an ascended master you are not the only person that spirit is helping. You may or may not realize this, but their main goal is helping all of humanity. Influential figures such as Buddha, Krishna and Jesus are seen by some people as examples of ascended masters who still keep in contact with their followers on Earth.

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