Are free clinics for pregnancies real

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There are indeed free pregnancy clinics! Call 1-800-395-HELP or visit for the pregnancy center closest to you. [ Source: ]
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Are free clinics for pregnancies real
There are indeed free pregnancy clinics! Call 1-800-395-HELP or visit for the pregnancy center closest to you.
Free Pregnancy Clinic Friday has Arrived! Are you Ready?
“*insert standard response here*” No seriously, unplanned pregnancy is nothing to joke about. It is about usually young boys and girls, suddenly having to deal with grown-up issues and taking highly responsible decisions, that qui…
How effective are pregnancy tests in free clinics?
They use the sames one you can over the counter. They are effective.

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Are free clinic doctors real doctors?
Q: I have a friend who’s being going to a free womens clinic because she got laid off and doesn’t have insurance and she’s pregnant. My questions is are these people real doctors? Why would they do it for free when they can make alot more working somewhere else? Also, the reason I ask is that my friend is about 4 and a half weeks pregnant and she was told the fetus isn’t viable because he doesn’t hear a sensible hearbeat and ordered her to get a D & C because it looked like she had an infection. Does that sound right? At four weeks should you even hear a fetus heartbeat? and isn’t a D & C done when someone is further on along? I hate to second guess the doc but my friend is still having pregnancy symptoms and it feels like he should of just asked her to come back in a week or something to see if there was a stronger fetus heartbeat or something. Any thoughts?
A: I may have read this wrong but just to clarify… It’s called a “free clinic” because it’s free for the patient, not because the doctors work for free. Although they would make more money working in private practice.
Can i go to a free clinic to have them check on my baby, even though I have a doctor?
Q: I have a pre-natal doctor, but they are always so busy and won’t be able to get me in today to check on the baby (I’m worried cause he hasn’t moved since last night). I want to call this free clinic I had been dealing with early on in my pregnancy and ask them if I could just stop in and they could check the baby real quick since I can’t get into my docot’rs today. You think they would let me?I just want to save a 4 hour trip to the ERTo the second poster…I’m diabetic and can’t have any sugary drinks to “wake” the baby up
A: It never hurts to call and ask.
am i pregnant?
Q: hi, me and my boyfriend had sex and we use the “pulling out method” now im a month a 2 weeks late for my period. im getting some symptoms like cramps with no period, faint and dizziness, and 2 weeks ago i was spotting but still no period. so i took 2 Pregnancy test it came back negative. i have irregular cycles, but i NEVER missed my period and i cant go to the doctor to get a real Pregnancy test cause i have no insurance. are these signs that i might be pregnant? and does anybody know of a free Pregnancy clinic in new york city? i really need the help
A: Will I hope you know now that the pulling out method is not a valid form of birth control. take it from someone who has experience, I have a 10 yr old from the same method. =P The free clinic is absolutely what you should do. Try google Planned Parenthood in New York and the county. Next step after that, if the test is positive is to get health insurance. there are a lot of free programs out there for no income/low income such is Medical and Healthy Families. Good Luck.
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