Are vitamin pills that help your metabolism good for you

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Fast weight loss diet pills are a great way to boost your metabolism to get you going. They are all natural ingredients. ChaCha. [ Source: ]
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Are vitamin pills that help your metabolism good for you
Fast weight loss diet pills are a great way to boost your metabolism to get you going. They are all natural ingredients. ChaCha.

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Is there a vitamin good for metabolism?
Q: Im taking Vitamin C pill and MultiVitamin Pill daily.. I am doing whatever it takes to feel the best i can. Is there a vitamin to boost metabolism?
A: A balanced diet will be more beneficial than any pill you could take.
What is a good vitamin to buy to boost up my metabolism?
Q: I’m 16 years old and I have a very slow metabolism. So what is a good vitamin to buy, or pill, to speed up my metabolism?
A: A multivitamin would be good for you. They have ones specifically for teens now. Look in the vitamin section of your store with your parent and decide which one is best for you.
Help! Are there any SAFE, effective OTC pills/vitamins that boost your metabolism?
Q: Are there any safe, effective pills/vitamins that help boost your metabolism that I can get OTC? What are the names and where can I get them?Please don’t suggest diet and exercise because i’m already aware of that. Thanks!!
A: Safe AND effective? In this department, honestly, those are mutually exclusive.Boosting metabolism with stuff like Hydroxycut is like turbocharging your car. Done right, you’ll probably be okay, but you always run the risk of blowing the engine… especially if you had a weak spot in your engine you didn’t know about.But anyway. The only safe AND effective supplement that might suit your need is CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, is promising. Feel free to research it yourself, or just take my advice and take it. It’s not a metabolism booster at all, actually. But it does get the body to utilize fat stores for energy more than normal, resulting in what is probably your goal: less body fat. Just don’t eat so much your body can’t help but store more. Research indicates the most effective dosage is 3.4g, divided up into three or so doses a day (3.4g total, not each dose.) Often the pills will say 1000mg and then you’ll notice on the back there’s only, say, 780mg of actual CLA. That’s normal, just make sure that it’s the 780mg you’re using to calculate how many to take.As for actual metabolism boosters, the most impressive formulation I know of right now comes from BSN, and is called Atro-Phex. Very impressive stuff, everyone agrees it works, just drink plenty of water as it can dehydrate you. (Alot of these can, as caffeine’s a diuretic, but this one’s pretty extreme, and has other subcutaneous water-cutters as well.) Also, Hydroxycut Hardcore’s not bad. Very “hot.” (All these are thermogenic, but for me, HH always felt really hot. Made me sweat profusely.)Gaspari Nutrition’s Cytolean isn’t terrible. Feels pretty good, and works pretty decently at cutting cravings.The above three diet pills are ranked from greatest to least by effectiveness, and (perhaps not) coincidentally, price. All can be found at the local Vitamin Shoppe, and usually GNC. There are many more, and most all are inferior to the above, and beyond that, many are completely worthless. Did you know that research indicates that Hoodia gordonii does absolutely nothing?Also, BSN makes a thing called Cheaters. They’re carb and fat blockers. They work, but IMO they tend to encourage you to splurge, thinking it’ll be ok because you have them to save you. They block some, not all, and are eaten with meals. If you take CLA or fish oil or anything, make sure you take them hours apart, or it’ll absorb that too. And, as with all fat blockers, they will give you the shits. Good luck.
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