Can bulimia really kill you

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Bulimia can really kill you & it kills 10% of all sufferers. The most common causes of death in bulimics are cardiac arrest, MORE? [ Source: ]
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Can bulimia really kill you
Bulimia can really kill you & it kills 10% of all sufferers. The most common causes of death in bulimics are cardiac arrest, MORE?

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Can bulimia kill you in just a few days?
Q: Its for a health video… and do you have any good ideas to put in the videooo?
A: noit can last years.
How can bulimia kill you? (other than being underweight)?
Q: I am not underweight, but i have been bulimic for 2 years and iam really trying to get better, only purging about once a day now ( ya still bad) but i do eat healthy and sometimes gets a bit outa hand…. I was owondering how u can actually die from it? i mean i know you can damage throat and teeth and what not, but can ur heart stop or something???
A: Bulimia can absolutely be life-threatening. In the long-term, damage to teeth and the esophagus will occur from the stomach acid reflux. The damage to the esophagus alone can cause ulcers and other scarring which may lead to sudden bleeding. Aside from the long-term consequences which you seem to understand, eating-disorders can lead to a variety of ion imbalances in the body. The most dangerous is hypokalemia, or low potassium. Hypokalemia can result from purging, and will lead to heart beat irregularity and if untreated, death. Doctors who have patients with eating disorders often check levels of potassium, because a state of hypokalemia is considered a medical emergency. Another important point to keep in mind is that it would be difficult to purge, and then try to replenish the body’s potassium using supplements. Ion levels in the body can be sensitive to sudden changes, including vomitting, diarrhea, or eating large amounts of supplements, and HYPERkalemia, or too much potassium, can also cause very serious health problems.For these reasons, I would encourage you to see your doctor, or a counselor about your bulimia, because it can be very dangerous even in the short-term.
Anorexia/Bulimia, I really hope you won’t judge me for this?
Q: Before I start… Yes, Anoerixa and Bulimia kill you and I am fully away of this because I almost lost my sister to it and I still might. Yes, I understand how it damages your body and mind terribly. I don’t need someone to mother me on this or tell me I am wrong that I should love myself the way I am. I understand, but its past that. No lectures just kind advice, I need kind words right now not people telling me ‘such it up and eat a hambuger’ I am 13 years old and am in 8th grade. I am 5′ 5″ and weigh around 113.4 pounds. Starting in the end of sixth grade up until the summer after 7th, so like a year, I was both anorexic and bulimic. Then I meet my boyfriend and he gave me inspiration and poof, I began to recover. For a while I was completely recovered but recently I hate my body. I can’t stand every bite that goes into my mouth but there is almost no way I will beturn to bulimia at the time unless I get really desprate. How do I begin to slow my eating again? Continued on details.How do I exercise without causing my parents concern? How do I get rid of that tiredness that I feel and what can I do about my pale face? What can help me loose weight other than diet pills, etc. I know it sounds horrible but if this is what I choose for myself then I dont want people talking me out of it, I want this and I don’t want people to stop me I just want someone to help me and tell me how to get away with this since my mom caught me with Bulimia the first time. My goal weight is around 95-98 pounds and I want to grow to inches to 5′ 5″. Any advice that isnt ‘its not heathly’ advice? Please? If your going to give me critisim please be gentle I can’t take harsh comments right now. Please, I need advice.Sugarboo I said I’m recover and that really wasn’t an answer, so what is your reason for posting that? I dont need rude comments.
A: yahoo answers is here because we dont know you we shouldnt judge u and i dont judge u at all and just try eating fruit and things like that or eat some thing u really dont like for a few days and becuse u dont like it u will start eating less and less i know it sounds silly but ive been up for 6 hours and ive only eaten watermelon and b4 i would have eaten about 3 sandwiches and chips so ive changed u can do or just try destract ur self with an xbox or color some in haha i do that too 🙂 good luck
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