Can cats eat peanut butter

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No, cats are carnivores and should not have peanut butter. Try freeze dried salmon, bonito flakes, and dried chicken for treats. [ Source: ]
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Can cats eat peanut butter?
in general, cats should never eat human food, but these types of accidents are bound to happen. Your cat will be fine, but just be careful now since once they have a taste, cats will always want more! My kitten took a lick of my Dr.Pepper d…
Is it ok for cats to eat peanut butter and jelly?
I had a kitty that loved peanut butter and I would give her a small amount on my finger to lick occasionally. Even a little on bread would be okay. But I would avoid giving kitty the jelly because of the high sugar concentration. Purrs to y…
Do cats like peanut butter or cheese like dogs?
Our male cat likes strange things. He LOVES parmesan cheese. And oatmeal, pancake syrup and other things. But not all human foods are OK to give your pet. Please search the web, I think it’s the humane society, for foods etc.. that are toxi…

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Can cats eat peanut butter?
Q: I was just making a peanut butter sandwich and my cat jumped on the counter (which I’m trying to stop) and he tried licking the peanut butter. I was just wondering if he would be okay eating it. I don’t think it’s okay but I don’t know.thanks everyone…but i put some on my finger and Boo (my cat) just licked it once and walked away. I guess he was just curious. thanks again.
A: It certainly isnt in his normal diet but shouldn’t hurt him.
can cats eat peanut butter and almond butter?
A: My cat likes a tiny bit of peanut butter on my finger about once or twice a week. I think it’s okay, as long as it’s not too much, and not too often.
is a little peanut butter ok for cats?
Q: will my cat get sick if he eats peanut butter?
A: do you really want to risk it
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