Can certain foods cause a miscarriage

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Raw Meat, Deli Meat, Fish with Mercury, Soft Cheeses, Unwashed Vegetables, Shellfish should be avoided. Along with booze. Cha Cha [ Source: ]
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Can certain foods cause a miscarriage
Raw Meat, Deli Meat, Fish with Mercury, Soft Cheeses, Unwashed Vegetables, Shellfish should be avoided. Along with booze. Cha Cha

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Can certain foods cause a miscarriage?
Q: I’m a big believer in natural foods and medicine. I’m wondering if there are any foods or herbs that will cause a woman to miscarry? The problem is that my G/F is pregnant, but I’m already seeing another woman and my current G/F having a baby right now will be way to inconvenient. Is there a way to cause a “natural” abortion (otherwise I’ll be paying for the real thing)
A: That is just horrifying. I had a miscarriage in the past and it’s a traumatic experience, I can’t believe that an idiot would intentionally cause one to happen.Please stay away from your g/f, leave her alone. I hope that she is able to find someone who loves her and her baby and realizes that you are a monster.
What are some ways to cause a miscarriage in women?
Q: My girlfriend is pregnant and I want to make sure she is healthy and not have a miscarriage or do harm to the baby. What things would she need to avoid to cause a miscarriage are there certain drugs or foods She should avoid. I still want to have sex with Her in a way not to harm the baby so are there certain positions we should avoid during sex.
A: CATS!!!beleive it or not, all cats and i mean EVERY cat carries a virus that doesnt hurt them or people, it can only harm an unborn fetus. (cant remember what the virus is called sorry) but if you have a cat i would just say make sure she NEVER cleans the litter box!!! she doesnt have to avoid the cat completely but be careful!!if you dont have a cat, your fine just listen to what the other answers saidcongradulations on your baby!!!! 🙂
down syndrome risk and preventing miscarriage ?
Q: i am 14 weeks pregnant and i ve got a big fibroid on the outside of my uterus. the baby is fine for now. my doc says the fibroid could cause misacrriage. now as much as i hate to think of such a possibility, it would be helpful to know if certain foods or herbs such as pomegranate can prevent miscarriage.. and i ve been told to undergo a blood test that checks for down syndrome. is this test given to all carrying women or does fibroids have anything to do with down’s syndrome ?thanks for any help.i am 28 years old and my husband is 32.the fibroid is 10cms accross. and i wonder if it started growing after i got because i never had any difficulty before. its worrying me if its going to grow bigger.
A: hi…the blood test you are referring to is called a triple screen or quad screen…it is ONLY a screening to determine your risk of having a child with DS…it is not accurate and gives out false/positives 80% of the time, in my book it isn’t really worth your time and money to take it. the fibroid has nothing to do with down syndrome…DS is a genetic anomaly that occurs during cell division where there is an extra 21 chromosome…commonly called trisomy 21, there is also mosaic ds and edwards syndrome. as for preventing miscarriage…there really isn’t anythig you can do just take care of yourself, don’t stress and enjoy your pregnancy…I hope all goes well!!!!!
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