Can Salvia make you sick

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Being in contact with another person’s saliva can get you sick if they are sick at the time. [ Source: ]
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Can Salvia make you sick
Being in contact with another person’s saliva can get you sick if they are sick at the time.
No you cannot catch HIV through kissing, unless they have an open, actively bleeding cut, and you have an open actively bleeding cut in your mouth. I don’t know what you mean by “make you sick through saliva glands”…but HIV is n…

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Can weed and salvia make you sick the next day?
Q: Last night I smoked some salvia and had a horrible trip. I smoked weed later and the whole time I was shaking and my heart was pounding. The effects lasted until about noon the next day, although they weren’t as strong. Now it’s about two and I feel lightheaded and have a slight fever. Can you get a fever just because your paranoid? Is it caused by the mixture of the 2 drugs?
A: yeah, i think your just being paranoid, when i smoked salvia it gave me a head ache for awhile so just drink some water and rest..youll be fine
Does Salvia give you a good trip or does it just make you sick?
A: If you are planning on smoking Salvia be warned. Unless you are a hardcore hallucinogen user this will probably be the hardest and fastest trip you will ever experience. If you are a first timer to drugs, using this could steer you away from drugs for the rest of your life. This will cause you to experience nothing like you could ever imagine. You will lose all sense of reality during the trip and some freaky things can happen in your head. If you do decide to take salvia have atleast 30-60 minutes of spare time. While the trip may only last 5-10 minutes the after effects can last much longer depending on how tolerant to these kinds of things you are. After my first trip i was paralyzed, and extremely naseuas since it was the first time i had ever tried any drug for about an hour. When using this be sure to have atleast one other sensible person with you because you could harm youself while tripping out. Afterwards be sure to drink plenty of water and lay down for a few moments because you will be very dehydrated afterwards because you sweat so much during the experience. Over all for some people Salvia can give them a high that will free them from reality. For others it can emotionaly scar them from the pain and things that they feel during the trip.
How long can marijuana be kept fresh and will stale marijuana make people sick if they smoke it?
Q: I am researching counter reactions to preservatives on various plants and Marijuana is on the list. This is not for illegal consumption. Other plants preserve rather will if dried and kept sealed without direct sunlight however, marijuana is unique in that it is highly susceptible to molding. Comparative of course to other plants such as passion vine and salvia divinorum. This is in no way intended to condone the usage of marijuana or any other illegal substance.
A: I thought they treated marijuana with a preservative already, formaldahyde. I doubt that it would make people sick, its effect will probably would be not as great. Also, it would just decompse more than anything. Keep on doing the much needed medical research on marijuana. Im sure it’ll come in handy. Although, asking the yahoo! answerers this question maynot be the best way to go about doing your research. It seems like you need some lab tests.
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