Can sexual abuse or abuse cause it

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Yes, post traumatic stress disorder is a common occurrence following incidents of sexual abuse and other types of abuse. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can sexual abuse cause vaginismus?
FIRST – sexual abuse cold be a reason for vaginism (see below everything about Vaginism); SECOND, see also pictures of hymen types with recommendations
Does sexual abuse cause suicide?
Hi Xavier, there are many studies that conclude that sexual abuse both as a child or as an adult causes low self esteem and is often at the bottom of many self destructive behaviours like cutting, smoking, drug taking, binge drinking and de…
What causes sexual abuse of a child?
The exact cause of sexual abuse of a child is not known. There are many things that may cause someone to abuse a child. Poor, violent, or crowded living conditions may be one of the reasons why it occurs. The following are other possible ca…

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Does Childhood sexual abuse cause women to go into the porn industry?
Q: I have heard that around 80% of women in porn have been sexual abused as children. Is these true?I’m looking for sorces too.
A: I don’t have sources, but there is a very logical reason for it|Girls who have been objectified at a very early age by that type of abuse, tend to internalize that as their identity, hence they feel *erroneously* that that is where they best fit in a job|I know the pay is very high, but they have to realize that they have to live with themselves too|—
What psychological effects does childhood sexual abuse cause in adulthood?
Q: Please be specific….Could it cause someone to think about sex too much? Or to be unnatracted to the race of the person that abused them?
A: A whole host of various problems, but particularly it can lead to problems with relationships with the opposite sex. Either having no idea how to interact with them or believing the only form of interaction is sexual.
Can sexual abuse cause scar tissue inside a woman?
Q: Sex has almost always been physically painful. Even with lubrication, taking it slow, etc. It hurts inside physically even with a relaxed clear mind. Is it possible to have incurred some type of permanent scar tissue inside that is causing this problem?
A: Gynecological exam is always advised in any case of recurrent pain during intercourse. The exam should help differentiate among -anatomical (structure)irregularities, -real tissue scarring -pain caused by chronic inflammations (whose symptoms subside with time, but the cause still persists)-pain caused by progressed cancerous growths of the cervix If you ask me, 2 most probable causes for this state are :1. If there was sexual abuse, if physical force was asserted, and there were injuries to both the mucose (surface) and underlying tissues lining the vaginal walls – there is bound to be some scarring. If deeper layers were not wounded, scars won’t appear, since the mucose has a cyclic manner of detaching and being renewed. 2. It is more likely that the scar tissue isn’t exactly scar, but a fibrous thickening of a segment near the entrance of the vagina. It is an anatomical defect (comes with birth), often found as a ring or a semicircular elevation around the circumference of the walls. It is most likely to be the cause of the pains during intercourse, since it’s the only segment of the walls that has no capacity to stretch and adapt in shape and size. Regardless of the use of lubricants, if it wasn’t torn by now, it hurts and will continue to hurt as long as it is there. A gynecologist should be able to tell between these two, recommend treatment, and should also be able to remove the fibrous tissue with a very simple, short and painless surgical procedure. Do not hesitate to schedule an exam – the sooner, the better. Good luck!
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