Can you buy morning after pills at Walmart

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Yes. They are available without prescription at the pharmacy. Just ask for them and they know what to do. [ Source: ]
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Where do you buy the morning after pill?
All pharmacys have the Morning After Pill. It is now being sold to women 17 and older over the counter. All you need is an ID.
How to Buy the Morning After Pill
・ 1 Purchase the morning after pill at your local pharmacy. If you are over 18, the morning after pill… ・ 2 Go to the doctor. If you do not have a pharmacy close to you or you are under 18, you can ask your… ・ 3 Get the pill at Planned …

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Can I buy the Plan B Pill At Walmart?
Q: Can I buy the Plan B morning after pill At the walmart pharmacy? If so, how much would It cost, and can a Male over 18 buy it?
A: Yes you can, but surprisingly, it’s a little cheaper at Walgreen’s. You have to go to the pharmacy counter to buy it.and don’t listen to the person below who says plan B kills your baby! Pregnancy is not defined until an embryo implants into the wall of the uterus. MORE THAN HALF OF ALL CONCEPTIONS DO NO IMPLANT ANYWAY!!!! So is a woman supposed to mourn for a supposed dead baby every month that she had sex while ovulating but didn’t end up pregnant? Plan B is NOT the same as an abortion. People who believe that are the same people who would have birth control outlawed, and wouldn’t care if people brought children into poverty and misery, or into any other bad situation. Let’s just keep contributing to the world’s overpopulation while we’re at it! If you in any way feel you are not ready to become a parent, then I would say that plan B is an excellent and VERY moral choice to make.
how old do you have to be to buy the morning after pill?
Q: ….. whurr can i buy/get it?… could i perhaps get it at walmart or walgreens
A: you can get at any women’s health clinic. You need a doctors prescription to get it at a drug store. It’s expensive that way too
morning after pill? hurry!?
Q: Where can i buy the morning pill? can i just go to walmart? and how much is it going to cost?
A: Got mine at walgreens and it was 40 dollars. I just keep on in my medicine cabinet just in case the condom were to break. But yeah could be cheaper at walmart…and I would call them they can give you the prices over the phone, thats what I did.
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