Can you describe a miscarriage

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A miscarriage is the spontaneous expulsion of a human fetus before it is viable before 24 weeks with most during the first 12 wks [ Source: ]
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Can you describe a miscarriage
A miscarriage is the spontaneous expulsion of a human fetus before it is viable before 24 weeks with most during the first 12 wks
Can anyone describe a miscarriage 5 weeks into pregnancy??
Heavy bleeding and mentrual like cramping are signs of a miscarriage. one or both of these symptoms may be present. I just got comfrimation today that i was having a miscarriage, i found out last week i was pregnant on sunday that i was 4 w…
Which of the embryo possibilities described below would most like…?
None of the above. An individual embryo can be aborted via miscarriage only once.

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for those who have had a miscarriage and passed tissues describe in details what the tissues looked like?
Q: My question may sound unsual, but I really want to understand what passing tissue looks like.
A: Ok this is gross but it looked like a little bubble of some sort. I believe it was the actual intact Placenta ( I didnt take it to the doctor) but thats what it looked like. If you are having a miscarriage the doctor will do blood work on you & again in a day or so to see if you HCG level is droppng. Good luck.
Q: at early stages of pregnancy. preferably 6-8 weeks.or if anyone has used the abortion pill, not the morning after but the abortion pill…thanks
A: I had 3 miscarriages at 6 weeks. After a missed period, confirmed the pregnancy, then started bleeding. For the first one, I bled for nearly 2 weeks. The other two I bled for a little longer than my regular period. I only had to have one D&C out of the 3.I’ve never taken the morning after pill or the abortion pill (I thought they were the same).
can someone describe what a clot looks like during a miscarriage?
Q: like is it hard or what.. im a little lostthanksim about three weeks pregnant and had three clots i believe that is what it was but it was not hard it was “gooey” … i think i have lost it 🙁 i started bleeding yesterday morning and now it is ending and the blood is brown now ..
A: I have not had a miscarriage, but a friend of mine told me.You will be able to see tissue, and it is not hard – i guess unless you are REALLY far along….But mostly she just said you can see the tissue in the toilet and she just knew that it was the baby.
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