Can you get rid of a UTI without medication

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Drink plenty of water, cranberry and orange juice. Drink up to several gallons in the first 24 hours after the onset of symptoms. [ Source: ]
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Can you get rid of a uti in pregnancy without medication??
UTIs are really common in early pregnancy. Don’t worry too much about it. Cranberry juice is great, so are blueberry’s and natural yogurt. They do clear up on their own usually. Just make sure you get plenty of fluids. If you talk to your m…
How to Get Rid of a Urinary Tract Infection Without Medication?
・ 1 Drink diluted cranberry juice. Mix one part unsweetened cranberry juice with three parts water. ・ 2 Use the bathroom as much as possible. As you are drinking the solution, continue to flush out your… ・ 3 Take a hot bath. Although it i…

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Can you get rid of a uti in pregnancy without medication?…?
Q: I posted a question a little earlier as today I started noticing I felt like going to the loo a lot. A lot of people mentioned cranberry juice, which I will try tomorrow. I have been drinking tons of water this afternoon and already it feels a little better, should I ring the midwife anyway, or just wait to see how I get on tomorrow. Can they clear up on their own sometimes by flushing out your system with water or do you always need meds. I am 11 weeks pregnant. Thanks.Ok thanks, I’ll ring my midwife first thing in the morning.
A: UTIs are really common in early pregnancy. Don’t worry too much about it. Cranberry juice is great, so are blueberry’s and natural yogurt.They do clear up on their own usually. Just make sure you get plenty of fluids.If you talk to your midwife or pharmacist they can probably suggest sometihing that’s safe to take in pregnancy.Congratulations on the pregnancy and good luck! :o)
How to get rid of a urinery tract infection?
Q: I have a UTI but can’t take anti biotics because of allergies. I need to find get rid of it without medication.I have seen a doctor about it and there was nothing she could advise me on other than drink a lot if water.I just want to know if there are any other solutions. And also a few of my family are allergic to antibiotics, and it’s very rare but it does happen.
A: No one is allergic to all antibiotics and a UTI is one of the very few situations where antibiotics are always indicated. There are no natural remedies that can reliably manage the problem. Specifically cranberry preparations have no effect on active infections, (though there is some scant evidence that they have a marginal prophylactic effect when taken every day in patients with recurrent UTIs.) Alkalising agents, which are usually sodium citrate, do sometimes help, but they have a definite fail rate.The problem is that untreated or poorly treated UTI may progress, infection may ascend to the kidneys causing pyelonephritis and even on rare occasions become systemic and result in septicaemia. Recurrent infections produce renal scarring and this can ultimately result in renal failure. Seek medical advice which will involve antibiotics.
I NEED to get rid of this urinary tract infection WITHOUT going to the doctors?
Q: I can feel that I have a urinary tract infection starting because when I urinate it burns a tiny bit, im peeing more than normal and my urine is cloudy. Can someone tell me how to get rid of this thing without medication (cipro, AZO.. etc.)? If you feel like reading it, heres why I don’t want a trip to the doctor’s.I’m 15 and about 5 months ago I got a horrible UTI. I was given medication, it came back.. I was given more medication, it came back.. I was given stronger medication, It came back.. yet again, I was given even stronger medication and (you guessed it), it came back. Eventually it just went away on its own but the costs to my parents were substantial. I don’t want any more antibiodics and I don’t want my parents paying for more doctors visits. Please dont tell me to tell them about it, because im not going to. I need to know how to get rid of it without them finding out. I can’t buy AZO and i already know to drink water and cranberry juice.I absolutely cannot go to the doctor again. It’s far too expensive and I’ve had so many antibiodicts its weakened my immune system
A: You can drink cranberry juice and water until you float down the river, but if you truly have a urinary tract infection, the key word there is INFECTION. An infection can only be cured by antibiotics. It sounds as though you got medicine, took it until the symptoms stopped and you felt better, so it came back. You did the same thing again, and it came back. Over and over, until you are most likely immune to the antibiotics that stop these things. And are you sture this is a UTI and not something else? There are a number of veneral diseases that cause UTI’s and even make it appear that you have an UTI. If you are sexually active, I would guess that you have something other than a UTI. If you aren’t then I’m glad, but you STILL need to see a doctor, regardless.
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