Can you get rid of herpies

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Although there is no cure for herpes, some drugs have been effective in reducing the frequency and duration of outbreaks. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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What Are Signs of Herpes?
Herpes is an infection that settles deep within the nerve ganglia, where it lies dormant most of the time. It is caused by HSV, or herpes simplex virus, and it is incurable due to its dormancy…
How many people have herpes?
About 25%. 1 in 4 women, 1 in 5 men. It’s more common in blacks and homosexual men, less common in lesbians. Most of these people don’t know, because they don’t have sores.
What is i good way to get rid of acne and herpies?
What the skin needs is a product that clears pores and kills bacteria, thus preventing hair follicles from clogging and turning into acne. This is what you should be looking for if you want to get rid of those ugly acne. Before trying any t…

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Q: can you ever get rid of herpies or is there no cure??
A: Herpes cannot be cured. There are medications that can keep the outbreaks from happening as much and for shorter amounts of time.
how do you get rid of herpies?
Q: i dont have them im just wondering lol
A: You can’t. You just take medicines so you don’t get outbreaks.
please tell me a little bit about Herpies type one and two can you die wat are some symptoms?
Q: i just got my lab results back and i have herpies type one and two should i be worried and stressed over it and what are some things that you have to deal with can you give it to someone through drinking after eachother can you get rid of it just some average infomation i should be concerned about!thank you!
A: Have you had an outbreak? if not did you have the test done because you may have had contact with someone who has HS2? Valtrex may be an option for you. However if you have NEVER HAD AN OUTBREAK but you received a positive result have another test done because you may have had a false positive. If it comes back positive again just monitor your health and don’t worry about it. Practice safe sex and be respectful of yourself and others.Also contact your doctor about having the Gardasil vaccine.Personally I don’t have much faith in the new test for HS2, I feel it may not be as accurate as many think it is and I feel too many unrelated factors may create false positives. Also the best thing you can do for yourself is research this yourself, not only will that give you the knowledge you need it may even give you peace of mind.
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