Can you make up for lost sleep

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Yes, for example for like a night or two of little sleep, you may just need a day or two of increased sleep to make it up. [ Source: ]
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Can you make up for lost sleep?
There have been a few times when I would just sleep all day because I was so tired from lack of sleep. So that probably helps, but no, technically, you probably can’t. All you can do is just keep getting 8 or whatever hours of sleep each ni…
Why do people then always say that you cannot make up for lost sl…?
I wo9uld guess its because the day is already lost and you cant get it back. For your insomnia try these tips. Go to bed and awaken the same time every day regardless of how much or little sleepo you got the night before this resets your sl…
Should I take naps to make up for lost sleep?
It depends. If you have trouble falling asleep at night, you should avoid taking daytime naps. Daytime sleep, especially if it is longer than 30 minutes or occurs late in the afternoon, could actually cause nighttime insomnia. Naps are a go…

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Is it possible for someone to “make up lost” sleep by sleeping more later?
Q: For instance, i sleep 4 hours today, and the normal 9 hours are not met, can the lost 5 hours be added to the next night and make me feel just as good?
A: Sleep works best in consistent “cycles” that match what your body needs. Erratic sleep habits often lead to other health problems, depending on the age, metabolic rate, and health of the person. But, sleeping in consistent cycles will with time help the body to adjust and take advantage of what rest it can get. So, even if you just slept 4 hours a night every night, if you find you can function on that much sleep, if you maintain a sleep schedule long enough your body will find that balance. If you sleep a little one night, it’s better to go back to your old sleep pattern rather then sleeping extra hours. Also time of sleep is different then quality of sleep as well.
If I am awake for 3 days, will my body try to make up for the lost sleep?
Q: Normally the body sleeps 8 hours a day. Say I am awake for 3 days, and the forth day, will I sleep just 8 hours or will I sleep the missing 8 hours a day? My freind says you can NEVER get back the missing hours of sleep. I say you do sleep longer, causeyour bopdy needs more time to recover and regenerate.Then explain why I was awake for 3 days, and on the forth day I slept 21 hours.After partying really hard on stuff.Why didnt I jsut sleep 8 hours, how come 21 hours of sleep??
A: You cannot make up for lost sleep. Your friend is right. Although you may sleep longer than 8 hours that first night you won’t sleep for 24hrs. You will however microsleep during those 3 days. That is sleeping in very short bursts lasting a few seconds.
Is it still insomnia if you make up for the sleep you lost later?
Q: Like, what if you got in the habit of making up for a sleepless night by catching the missed zzz’s during the day? Is it still insomnia if you manage to sleep the reccomended amount but at daytime?
A: Not so much insomnia, but definitely a sleep disorder. Some people, like myself, are cursed by a genetic mutation called the after-hours gene. It is speculated that this gene is responsible for regulating the body’s internal clock (the circadian rhythm) and those who possess it work on a 27 hour day instead of 24 hours like normal folks. If you don’t have any reason to be up in the morning just stay up late and be proud to be a night owl. If it is something that bothers you, try taking a melatonin supplement. Melatonin is the hormone that makes you sleepy; normal people start secreting it around midnight.
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