Can you put eyedrops in pink eye

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Yes, most drug stores sell a over the counter homeopathic eye drop for pink eye relief. Used daily it can remove pink eye quickly. [ Source: ]
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Can I use this bottle of previously prescribed antibiotic eyedrop…?
I wouldnt. Chances are that the medication is out of date, check that it should be on the bottle. But if you are one of the people who put the dropper on your eye to get the eye drop in, there is already pink eye in the medication, and you’…
Does A Antibiotic Such As Amoxicillin Help Pink Eye Or Do You Nee…?
Often it is best to get drops, because it will go directly to the source of the problem. Sometimes, doctors will give bactrim for example for pink eye or other oral medications. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t help. Either way, …
How long are you contagious with pink eye after you go on antibio…?
the pink eye usually lasts for about a week if you dont rub it and keep putting eyedrops in them. and never take over the counter eyedrops.

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Are the RX eyedrops all that is needed for pink eye?
Q: My 5 yr. old son’s pediatrician prescribed the trimethoprim eye drops for pink eye. When my 3 year old daughter had it a few weels ago she had to see a different doctor because ours was out of town…..and that doctor prescribed the eye drops plus she put her on omnicef, taken orally. I know that was because my daughter’s eyelids were also purple and swollen and she suspected a deeper infection. My son’s eyelids are fine but he does have the pink eye in both eyes. Do you think the drops alone would be enough for him? Oh, and I am keeping him home from school today. How long are they contageous?
A: when any of my children had pick eye the drops were good enough. as for how long you should keep him home from school my doctor usually said 3 days after that they are ok.
Any vets? My dog keeps scratching at his eye and when I pried it open theres pink “skin” in it that hes itchin
Q: He wont quit scratching at it and im kind of worried about him. Someone said it was a sti? I put eyedrops in his eye, should I take him too the vet or will it be okay if I keep putting eyedrops in his eye, or what should I do?and if surgery comes will it break my bank?
A: My dog had the same problem, but it was an infection. Go to a vet and see whats wrong.
How do I know if I have pink eye, and is it okay to use these drops?
Q: I just took a shower, and I forgot to take my contacts out. One of my eyes is red now, I’ve put Blink eyedrops in them. I’m not sure if their just irritated or if i have pink eye. It’s not releasing any white stuff…but it might start tomorrow morning. My sister had pink eye last year and the doc gave her Elestat. I looked it up online and its the right medicine. If i’m 12 is it okay for me to use it? Is it okay for me to use it if she used the same one? Once i’m sure i have pink eye, and i use it… will her pink eye just go back to me? The drops are called Elestat. if it is safe to use it, how long do you suppose i should… about 3 days? should i clean the bottle (top) before using it, if i can.Do not rinse the dropper. Replace the dropper cap after each use.what does that mean, does that mean i can’t use it? HELP YOU EYE DR. OUT tHERE!
A: You have no way of knowing you have pink eye, and yes, depending on how long ago she used the medicine, you could get it from the medicine she had been using. If you wake up in the morning and your eye has crusted over, then you probably do have it. Pink eye is very contagious, as you know, so you would want to go right to the doctor and get the antibiotic drops. Also, those drops, as I said, are a form of antibiotic. You don’t want to use antibiotics the wrong way. Don’t touch the meds. See a doctor if they eye is worse in the morning.
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