Can you still walk if you dislocate your knee

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Yes. However, it is important to prevent further damage by using a splint or immobilizer to keep the knee from bending. [ Source: ]
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Can you still walk if you dislocate your knee
Yes. However, it is important to prevent further damage by using a splint or immobilizer to keep the knee from bending.

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how long should i wait to walk after a dislocated knee?
Q: i dislocated my knee and then it popped back in. it happened five days ago and my parents are all over me and all upset that i haven’t started walk yet but it hurts really bad. how long should i wait?
A: Today. oh pl follow your doctor rather than stupid advises.Or there will be good advises and lame gate.
How long until I can walk after I dislocated my knee?
Q: I dislocated my knee about a week and a half to two weeks ago and the doctor popped it back into place. I am always worrying I am going to mess my knee up by walking on it, but is it safe? I mean it does get sore but not bad at all.
A: I think you mean your kneecap as a dislocated knee is much more serious. If you are talking about kneecap, here’s my info on itUsually, you have to go under a period of immobilization (knee immobilizer and crutches) to allow proper healing as ligaments/tendons are stretched. It ranges from a week to a couple weeks depending on the severity and doctor.Hopefully, you have been evaluated by an orthopedic and have had proper testing to make sure there is nothing else wrong.Walking, if it’s no causing pain or if your kneecap doesn’t feel unstable, is probably fine after 2 weeks. Before returning to sports and an active life, you should definitely check back with dr and start PT to strengthen the knee to prevent it from happening again as the rate of redislocation is significantly higher.Here’s my story:I dislocated mine back in July, but it went back into place on its own after a few minutes. I still went to the dr who gave me crutches and immobilizer. My knee was incredibly swollen and painful. I had a xray to make sure it was back in place. I saw an orthopedic the following week who told me I could start walking on it, but he had me get a mri. I had bone bruising (from the femur and patella hitting eachother) and a fracture in my femur. I was put back on crutches. 5 weeks after my injury, I went back for a follow-up, got more xrays, everything was healed. I then started Physical Therapy to get my strength back I lost from not using my leg. I have been going for 7 weeks and still cant run. My knee still hurts as my patella laterally tracks now. I’m working hard though.You should see an orthopedic, wear a brace, and do PT! Good luck 🙂
how soon after you dislocate your knee should you start walking on it?
Q: 5 days ago i dislocated my left knee it dance class. it was very painful but it popped back into place on it own. the doctor said i didn’t need crutches and to just walk it out but it is veryyy painful so my parents got me crutches. its only been five days and their both mad at me because i am not completely walk yet. so today i went upstairs and tried to walk and yet again it was very painful and scary. are they right? should i start walking only five days after i dislocated it? it doesn’t seem right.
A: your doctors a dumbass
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