Can you tell me how to tone up biceps and triceps

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To tone biceps and triceps do standing bicep curls, hammer curls with dumbbells, lying triceps extension with dumbbells, MORE? [ Source: ]
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Can you tell me how to tone up biceps and triceps
To tone biceps and triceps do standing bicep curls, hammer curls with dumbbells, lying triceps extension with dumbbells, MORE?

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Most effective workouts for biceps/triceps?
Q: I am 18 and i have been working out for the past 3 months but i slacked most of the time and i only noticed a 0.5 – 1.0 growth around my bicep when i measured it. Right now i am 13.5″ round when i flex so i am not the biggest guy out there. I do have Vertex Creatine and Muscle Juice Protein but i want to find a good working out plan to put the most inches around my arm within summer (3-4 months) . I am hoping for 15-16 if possible.Are there any work outs out there that will bring me results for my bicepts/triceps, I don’t care about tone i just want to get the most inches round for now and worry about tone laterAny food plans, supplements? And for your workout please tell me how long it will take until i start noticing a difference or how many inches i will grow doing your work out. Thank YOUUOk so lets say i do those workouts every 2nd day and rink protein and take creatineWill i be able to notice nice results after a month lets say?
A: first, watch this video and make sure you have the right form: you watch him doing this, notice that his elbows are tucked to his side and they’re not moving. also, notice that he’s not swinging his body to get the weigth up–very important. if you’re doing that, you’re using too much for workouts, look on this site and it will show you a bunch: in mind that your bicep is only 1/3 of your total arm mass. so, if you want larger arms, you’ll need to focus more on your triceps…even though that’s not the one you often flex for people, it will make your arm look huge if you have large triceps. my favorite tricep exercises are skull crushers ( i think this site calls them lying down extensions or something like that–but it’s the one where you’re laying on a bench), dumbbell over head extensions and cable pull downs. biceps: ez bar curls, hammer curls, reverse grip ez bar curls, preecher curls. but, don’t always do the same ones cuz you’ll plateau after 5 weeks or so. constantly switch up your routine each far as meals go, well you need to eat more if you want to gain muscle. trade off, you may gain a little weight, but you can worry about cutting later. or, just eat a little more. good foods are tuna straight from the can and eggs. i personally toss some of the yolks, but many people eat the whole egg and that’s fine too. after your workout, you should take a whey protein shake because your body absorbs whey rather quickly.
6 pack??? Biceps…. triceps….?
Q: Im 16…Can some one just tell me a sort of prgramme to help me tone up…. but focus on the abs…..
A: For abs do a lot of sit-ups, some push ups, planks, superman’s, 6 inches and do cardio exercises to get some fat (even if you are skinny) off helping reveal the muscle. Also try to eat proteins, a lot of steak and other meats. Remember, when working out muscles, whether it be abs, biceps, or triceps, getting to the point where it hurts and you are exhausted is not even half the fight. Its what you do once you feel terrible that builds the majority of the muscle.
what are some boxing drills to help get toned arms? Are there any other ways?
Q: I have very toned triceps and shoulders and back but my biceps arent as toned. I want to get them toned. I was told to do boxing exercises? And has anything worked for anyone? Any routines? I go to the gym regularly so i plan to take immediate action. I am in dire need of help. PLEASE!
A: Pull-ups and chin-ups are great for biceps. You can work with different hand positions to work different muscles in your arms, back, and shoulders. Chin-ups focus mostly on the biceps.Start with push-ups, because pull-ups are very tough if you are just starting out.Do bicep curls with bar bells and dumb bells. There are many different variations. Try hammer curls with dumb bells. Look up “bicep curls” online. You can also look at some muscle and fitness magazines.Good Luck.
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