Did you ever get crabs before

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Nope. i have never had an STD before. you only get those from nasty girls. i go for the nice ones. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/did-you-ever-get-crabs-before ]
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Did you ever get crabs before
Nope. i have never had an STD before. you only get those from nasty girls. i go for the nice ones. Thanks for using ChaCha!
Can you get crabs but u never had sex before?
You sure can. Crabs or body lice can live in beds and you can get them that way. Bed bugs could also be the cause. Look very closely at where the itching is and see if you see any blood on yourself, or on the underwear or clothes nearest th…
How long before these flowering crab trees get big and flower??
Flowering crab trees usually take a good 3 years to flower any great deal. As far as size, they will take several years until they reach maturity (20-25 ft.). To help with the speed of growth, make sure they are in a well drained area of th…

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Have you ever eaten crabs before? Did you get sick?
Q: i went down on my girlfriend who has crabs last night, and i must have accidentally swallowed like 50 of the damn things. im not gonna get sick from that am i?i like it, it’s sexy.
A: first off thats sick….but to answer your question probably not..they are small bugs.
Has anyone ever eaten crabs close to their delivery date, and went into labor before the due date?
Q: I was due July 7…ate crabs on June 31 and went into labor early in the morning July 1 and had the baby around 5.
A: Coincidence…. nobody ever said crabs induce labor…
Have you ever had an STD before? What was it? How many times have you been infected? Ever get crabs?
A: I have herpes. I have both types down south and HSV1 on my mouth, so I was infected with 2 types of the virus and 1 type twice. It’s gross but please don’t give me thumbs down for being honest.I haven’t had crabs or any other std, I reach for the top when I contract stuff like that.
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