Do I have a stomach problem

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Abdominal pain can originate from many different organs in your body. Best to get checked out by the doctor for a diagnosis. [ Source: ]
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Do I have a stomach problem
Abdominal pain can originate from many different organs in your body. Best to get checked out by the doctor for a diagnosis.
How did gregory tours solve his stomach problems?
Can post nasal drip cause stomach problems?
Intestines and colon with improper bacterial and flora balances can cause bowel issues like gas and bloating. I think that is what was being referred to there. I good way to make sure you are balanced on the back end is fiber and probiotic …

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What kind of stomach problem can lead to this much pain?
Q: I had gastric bypass surgery in 12/04. I have had no complications of any kind. In the last 2 weeks, however, something bad is happening. I thought at first that I was becoming lactose intolerant and the lattes I drink each morning were becoming a problem. I gave them up 2 weeks ago. Not that. I have VERY painful gas and a tremendous amount of bubbling in my stomach all day long which leads to back pain, headaches and diarrhea. I have tried many OTC remedies for both stomach upset and gas and nothing is working. I am in the middle of a probationary period at a new job, my health benefits will not come into play for another 3 wks. A doctor’s visit is out of the question. Does anyone out there know what this might be? I have read on some GB forums of some TERRIBLE issues people have had post-surgery, like small tears in the new stomach and the like. But in every case I read about, that came to the fore much earlier than this. Anyone have any informed ideas about this?
A: If you’re frequenting the bathroom once every 3 hours, or at a minimum of more than 4 times a day, then the trouble is probably in your colon or small intestine. A change in your diet can trigger a problem that wasn’t prevalent before. Don’t wait for the health insurance to kick in. Go see a doctor soon, maybe even a gastroenterologist.
What can I do to heal my stomach problem?
Q: Stomach has been hurting really bad constantly. Always feeling nauseous. What can I do that will help heal problem or help body fight it that has NO side affects? Please answer, it would be a big help.
A: You may have some sort of chronic stomach problem like Irritable Bowel Syndrome which can be helped with natural things like peppermint oil or peppermint tea, these have no side affects. You may have a problem with bowel function, do you go to the toilet enough? If so, increasing your intake of fibre, by eating fruit, may help you have a more regular system.Are you suffering from an anxiety problem that is causing you to feel sick all the time? Maybe working out what is making you anxious will help or taking some herbal remedies such as Rescue Remedy will ease your tension.If it is none of these things but an actual illness which has been going on for more than three to five days and you have tried normal indigestion and nausea remedies such as Milk of Magnesia, I recommend you see your doctor as you need professional diagnosis and treatment.
What could be the cause of my stomach problem?
Q: I have been having reoccuring horrible stomach cramps for like 4 days now. They happen at random times of the day. It feels kinda like I’m being stabbed with a sword. And no it has nothing to do with my period. I also get very weak, shaky and dizzy along with the stomach problems. What could be the caus eof this? I would only like answers from doctors, or people educated in the medical field. Thankyou.
A: It could be your appendix. Pain would start around your belly button and then localize down in the area between your hip bone and belly button going down diagonally. It could also be gas, it could also be an ulcer, it could be a stomach bug. There are a lot of it could be’s. I would go ahead and make an appt to see a dr – it’s very difficult to diagnose without seeing you and knowing your background, past troubles, etc. Do you have diahrrhea or anything after the pain passes? Good luck
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