Do weight loss pills actually work

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Despite claims to the contrary, it seems as if most weight loss pills, if not all, give little actual benefit to the user. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Hey i don’t know if you really care but when i want to lose a weight class for boxing i bust out my secret formula i lose weight without losing muscle and get more stamina i really get the most out of my exercises. Have you ever heard of Om…
With obesity at epidemic levels, weight loss pills are finding their way into more and more homes. With the New Year soon approaching, you can bet sales for these products will go through the roof. But do weight loss pills actually work? …
Yes pills do help in weight loss loss, but you should keep in mind that supplement like pill is just an addition, after all, regular exercise and healthy lifestyle is the key. Make sure you know what kind of pill you want before trying any …

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What weight loss pills actually work?
Q: im looking to lose some weight, hopefully 20-30lbs.but which weightloss pills work the best?i do work out about 30min a day, so with that and the pill im sure i can build muscle and also burn anything i can buy at like cvs or walgreens, that actually works, please help me out :Dthankyou!
A: No diet pills workif they did we wouldn’t have such a high rate of obesity in this worldIt’s best to decrease your caloric intake and burn the calories doing a high impact cardio workout every single day for at least 30 mins a day.
How well do weight loss pills actually work?
Q: I am well aware that a good diet and exercise are the best way to lose weight, but I was curious as to which diet pills actually work. I want to lose about 10 pounds. I see all of these ads for SlimQuik and NV (the Carmen Electra one) and I really just want to know how well these types of pills work and what your experience was with them.Thanks!
A: Some of those pills do work, often indirectly. For example, one of the biggest things in the diet industry at the moment is hoodia -it’s a substance found in Africa that is proven to trick the brain into thinking you’re full when you’re not – so you can go long periods without feeling hunger. I’ve actually tried it, and it worked. I tried it at 4PM one day, and only started to regain a normal sense of appetite the next day. That would help someone lose weight, but I wouldn’t really recommend it for long term use. Often, these pills contain the same old proven ingredients such a caffeine – which can help rev your metabolism and act as an appetite suppresant, hoodia – the above mentioned appetite suppresant – and a whole kitchen sink of other ingredients. There’s also fat burners out there like HydroxyCut and HotRox etc – again, they often are loaded with caffeine and other things which will only act as appetite suppressants. I haven’t used those, but the general consensus is that they work.
If Weight Loss Pills actually work, Then why does everyone waste their time at the Gym?
Q: Does Hydrocicutt and all those diet pills really work on loosing weight?Or is Working out better to loose weight at the gym?Whats the different?Why do people waste so many hours at the gym then?
A: There is no miracle pill that is going to make you look like the people on those commercials. Some pills make you lose weight but most people go to the gym to be less flabby and to tone up. The best plan for losing weight is diet and exercise.
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