Do you give 1 year olds whole milk? skim? 2%? why

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A 1 year old child should drink whole milk because they need the fat that is available in that milk. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Do you have to give a 1 year old whole milk instead of 2% ??
I know what you mean…When my older kids were a year old I was told that they could drink whatever milk I bought for the family. When my youngest turned a year my doctor insisted on whole milk. It has something to do with the baby needing …
Is it necessary to give my 1 year old whole milk? Can I just give…?
The only reason they want is to put the weight on but if your baby is a good weight and you think she eats properly I don’t see why not. You do what your motherly instinct tells you to. Sometimes giving them whole milk makes them eat less b…
Is it best to give a 1 year old starting on milk… 2% or whole??
If a baby is getting fats from other foods, whole milk isn’t necessary. The main reason it is suggested is because it has a higher fat content. Whole milk has 1 gram of fat per ounce. That means 8grams per cup. Veggies can be sauteed in a t…

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what is the best type of milk a 3 year old boy should drink?
Q: What kind of milk is best for a 3 year old- whole, 1%, 2%, skim?
A: Most nutritionists and WIC say that after 2 years, skim or 1% is the best because kids don’t need all the fat. Keeping them on whole milk increases the chance for obesity. There are better fats for their brains than cow milk fat. If the three year old doesn’t like the wateriness of skim milk, add nonfat powdered milk to it. It boosts the calcium and makes the milk seem creamier. Be sure to chill it for several hours before serving it to him.
i have a question about Milk for a 1 year old.?
Q: My child will be 1 year old later this month. My family and I drink 2 percent Milk. Im going to ask my doctor what kind of milk is best for my child but I just want some opinions at the moment. What kind of Milk is good for a child? Whole Milk, 2 percent Milk, Skim Milk?
A: Whole milk only until the 2nd year. Why? It is important for the growth and development of the brain and the Myelin Sheath on the spinal column. Children need the fat in whole milk to help them develop the myelin sheath over their nerves and spinal cord.
What’s better for baby when whole milk’s not available (i.e. at a restaurant?) 2% milk? Water? Pepsi?
Q: I think this is a no brainer, but this is my first baby. She’s nearly a year old. She’s been basically only breastfed and we’re about to make the transition to milk. She doesn’t really care for juice much, (or at least she didn’t a few months ago when I last tried to give her some diluted apple juice.)Her Dad and I drink skim milk. Everything I read says babies MUST have whole / homogenized milk until they are 3 or 4 years old. I’ll certainly be following that direction. We’ll have both at home.But… let’s say we run out of HER milk, or we’re at a friend’s place, or we sponaneously decide to go to a restaurant and I can’t get home to bring her some “ideal” whole milk (sure I could stop at a grocery store first, but seriously who’d really do that on the way to lunch???) My question then is: Occasionally, is whatever milk is available (skim, 1%, 2%) an okay choice ?What would you pick?a. skim, 1%, or 2% milk?b. water?c. juice?d. soft drinks? Thanks!
A: I don’t think that most of the previous posters actually read your question.Our pediatrician says that kids need whole milk until they’re 2, and then they can drink whatever you drink (2%, skim, whatever). We have a 3 year old and a 15 month old, so we have whole and 2% milk in the ‘fridge. But if we run out of one, no biggie. We give the three year old whole milk or the 15 month old 2%. Same deal at a restaurant: we drink whatever milk’s available. One glass isn’t going to make any difference.If we can’t get milk, or that’s going to be a pain or too messy or something, water is always our second choice. And once your child is weaned, water should actually always be the FIRST choice except for at meals, when it should be milk. We almost never offer juice. It’s a treat. And my three year old has had a very occasional sip of orange soda or root beer, but has never had more than a sip of soda. If she grows up thinking it’s for grownups, it’s one more battle we won’t have to have with her…
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