Do you need a parent with you if you go to get pregnancy tested in a hospital

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It’s your right to get a confidential pregnancy test. This means you can have a test & get the results without anyone else finding out. If you use your parents health insurance to pay for the test you may not be able to keep the information private . [ Source: ]
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Do you need a parent with you if you go to get pregnancy tested i…?
It’s your right to get a confidential pregnancy test. This means you can have a test & get the results without anyone else finding out. If you use your parents health insurance to pay for the test you may not be able to keep the informa…

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Can the hospital tell your parents if you get your blood tested for pregnancy?
Q: I want to see if im pregnant by getting my blood donei’m under 18I live in NCWhat to you have to fill out?I plan to pay with my own money.How much will it cost?Also there is no planned parenthood near
A: They cant tell your parents no, Its private between you and your doctor, But maybe you should tell them, has they could support you, or maybe a close friend who can help, You dont want to go through something like this alone. Has i dont live in NC i wouldnt know how much it could cost, i would of thought has your underage that it wouldnt cost anything, but maybe thats only in the Uk Good luck anyway hunnie
If you go to the hospital to get a blood test for pregnancy will you need your parents with you if your 16?
Q: I’m 16 and sorry but before I go any further please don’t make any rude comments about me and my age thanx……..anyways I’m 16 and I think I’m pregnant…..I’m having all the signs but the tests say neg and people have said that the tests could take time to say positive……but I want to know soon so that I can start planning everything more thoroughly and think on how to tell my mom without her freakin out even though I know she will @ first… can ya’ll please give me some answers plz and thank-you its much appreciated
A: Have you missed your period? You can try waiting until about 3-5 days after your missed period to test, the results will be more accurate than trying to take it before then. If you go to a hospital (which I wouldn´t reccomend because it will be much more expensive), doctor´s office, or clinic to have a blood test, HIPPA laws ensure your confidentiality, but you should give staff clear instructions on how to contact you without your parents finding out (such as calling you on your cell phone instead of the landline, or calling a landline but not leaving a message with the machine or with anyone besides you). Also keep in mind that if you´re on an insurance plan under your parent´s name, they could get a bill from your healthcare provider and/or insurance company, so they could find out that way. Make sure to ask about that when you call to make the appointment.If you are pregnant, tell your parents as soon as possible. They might be angry at first but they´ll help you through this difficult time. Best of luck to you.
my sister is 35 weeks along in her pregnancy and I need some comfort advice?
Q: ok she is my little sister she turned 14 on the 23rd of last monthyes I know she got pregnant at 13 please not asking for people to judge… if you have to judge then take it out on me for being an AWFUL sister I wish I had told her about safe sex when our parents refused because they thought it would make her do it any way >.> but yea we see what ship we are sailing now don’t we… she wants to keep them (she is having twins) and our parents said after the birth if she hasn’t come to her senses and put them up for adoption then she has to move out. so she will be living with our 20 year old brother… I love my sister dearly so I my self need some comfort in letting her go.but on with the few things she is worried about number one she is afraid of the labor pains she never was good at handling pain but our mom said she had to have a natural birth if she didn’t abort it so I told her if I was allowed in the hospital room with her then I’d hold her hand (I’ve heard horror stories about this please don’t tell me to not do this she needs me more now then ever and I can’t be afraid of a little hand pain) 2 she is worried she won’t make a good mother but she said she wants to try my brother said he would help too but she is still worried. 3 she is also worried that she or the babies (possiably both) will not live through the birth because she is so young I know there are risks for child birth but at 14 I’m not sure if the risks increase or not so I need some help and advice that I could give to her for taking care of the twins and how bad can the pain be for her because of her age?and is there any increased risks because of her age?details I know for sure are that she did not have her period when we figured out she was pregnant and that those pregnancy tests really just love to lie >.> so yea our brother took her to get tested later for anything sexaully transmitted she was fine and then it was found out she was pregnant so yea thats about all I know that could possiably have any effect on the children or her but I really do need some advice from some one who has gone through child labor I’m freaked for her she’s freaked for her babies and my brother is just excited to have little babies coming that he can father =.= he is a lovable idiotyea I had her get one of those you pee on it said she wasnt pregnant so we ignored the matter till our brother had discovered the secret of her 1 fling and took her for real test at a hospital
A: I’m sorry that you would have to go through such a hard thing and that your sister also has to deal with something so mature. But you don’t have to let her go at all, instead she will need your love and support even more with either decision that she makes. Now with many twins they usually do a c-section before they are term and I’m thinking because of your sisters small body and the development of her body they will also take her twins early if possible and she will definately have pain relief. I don’t believe that your mother is making a realistic judgement by telling her that she has to have them naturally, because I’m pretty sure she wants to use the pain as a weapon against your sister. She probably figures that she won’t do it again if it really hurts. BUT this is not the way to teach your sister about birth control. I think that your sister needs to go to planned pregnancy or another like program to discuss her options. I for one can truely understand her not wanting to give up her little ones and cannot blame her for doing her best with what she has. BUT she is very very young and most of her life and their life will be filled with hardship if she decides to keep them. But like I said I couldn’t do that so I’d imagine that she probably won’t either. She should start planning and get in contact with as many government programs as possible if your family cannot help her. Get as much education as she can and join a support group. She will miss most of her own childhood but in the end it’s her own choice…may she make the right one and may she understand what she is giving up with that choice. Knowledge is power…and it’s free for all
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