Do you NEED a prescription for birth control

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Some types of birth control require a prescription. [ Source: ]
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Do you NEED prescription for Birth Control?
You are going to have to go to your doctor or a gyno. in order to get birth control. They will need to give you a pap smear and then you will talk about birth control options. You can’t go to a pharmacy and say you want birth control. The p…
Why birth control pills need a prescription
Birth control pills need to be prescribed because the wrong dosage can make you nauseous, cranky and psycho all the time (I know this one from experiance). Diaphragms have to be fitted. –Anonymous Permalink Monday, July 31, 2006 12:49 PM P…
What do I need to do to receive a prescription for a hormonal met…?
Prior to beginning hormonal birth control, you will need to have a complete GYN exam with Pap Test. You can schedule an appointment by calling the clinic. If you have had an exam and Pap Test with your own doctor within the past year, you c…

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Why do you need a prescription for birth control pills?
Q: I’ve always wondered why you need a prescription for birth control pills. I just assumed that it was because taking it while pregnant or to cause an abortion could cause damage, but any over the counter med could do that. What are your thoughts?
A: I agree that they should be available over the counter….I think that anything that isn’t used to “get high” or that isn’t addicting, or could cause major bodily harm should be sold over the counter….but, to answer your queston I think it’s because they want you to get an gyno exam before they give them to you…(although there was a sign up at my planned parenthood where I got mine that said you no longer HAD to get that exam in order to get them)I guess they just want you to answer questions in a questionaire and or to the gyno before giving them to you to make sure that your body can take them without any risk of harm to you.Condoms are sold over the counter though and they should always be used whether someone is on birth control or not because birth control and condoms can and do fail….so double up your chances of not getting pregnant and help your chances at not getting a S.T.D (sexually transmitted disease)
do i need a prescription for birth control pills?
Q: is there anyway i can get birth control pills on my own without a prescription from my doctor?
A: planned parenthood or the teen health center at your school if you are in high school (or god forbid middle school).you don’t need a prescription, I think.
Do I need to get a doctor’s prescription regarding birth control pills?
Q: I am marrying next month. My fiance and I agreed not to have a baby for years. Do I need to start taking birth control pills now? Do I need to see a doctor or can I just ask the pharmacist? please help.
A: Yes, you will need to see a gynecologist and have a pap smear and pelvic exam. You should get started on the pill ASAP so that it is in effect for your honeymoon. There are other birth control options besides the pill like the patch, implants, and the IUD. You should discuss your lifestyle and longterm pregnancy plans with your Dr. She will be able to suggest the best options for you. You will need to see your gyne annually to get an exam before you can get a refill on your prescription.
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