Does alcohol cause chest pains

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Excessive alcohol consumption produces many heart irregularities, including chest pains. Beverages containing caffeine or other stimulants can also cause chest pains. [ Source: ]
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Does alcohol cause chest pains
Excessive alcohol consumption produces many heart irregularities, including chest pains. Beverages containing caffeine or other stimulants can also cause chest pains.
Why do I get panic attacks and chest pains after drinking alcohol…?
It is unfortunate, but drinking alcohol is essentially poisoning your system, so if you really think about it, any amount of alcohol, or any other psychoactive drug, in certain people will rightly cause panic attacks. The chest pain you exp…
Is having chest pains and short of breath noremal after Alcohol P…?
Alcohol abuse can cause heart and lung complications. You should follow up with your doctor. The combination of chest pain, shortness of breath and nausea sounds like a cardiac problem. However it could also be an ulcer or pre-ulcerous cond…

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Alcohol causing chest pains?
Q: Hi, recently when i have been drinking i have received chest pains. I usually drink every thursday, friday, and saturday night. I have only got these chest pains 2 times(once tonight). And i was drinking the same alcohol tonight as the other time. It is a very sever heart burn/pain. It can not be an allergy, i was wondering if it was this certain type of vodka i drink(nikolai, very cheap vodka) but i doubt it. Obviously, stopping my alcohol consumption would work, but still what may cause this?
A: I obviously would at least try changing what I was drinking. Chest pain is nothin to mess with.
What would cause this? Everytime I drink heavily (alcohol), during the hangover and recover time I get chest ?
Q: What would cause this? Every time I drink heavily, meaning alcohol, I get really bad hangovers (lasting a few days), chest pains , and then on my left hand (ring and pinky finger down to the bottom of the hand) goes numb! This numbness can last for about 2 to 3 weeks. I am 30 years old,average body type(a few extra pounds). Could this numbness and long periods of recover time mean there could be a serious condition.
A: This is a shot in the dark, since the description is vague, and over the internet……but here it goes.You probably have some sort of impingement of your left ulnar nerve, which would explain the symptoms you are having with your arm. This can be a problem with the cubital tunnel in your elbow or even something higher in your neck. I am not sure why drinking would make this worse other then B vitamin deficiency that came come with chronic alcohol consumption.Now the worst possibly scenerio, that cant be ruled out from this posting, is you are having cardiac (heart) issues. All in all, your best bet is to visit your family doctor. Keep a log book of your symptoms to help you recall the events for your physician.
Whats good for chest pain (gastritis) caused by drinking alcohol?
Q: About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with the H. pylori Bacteria which was contributing to my chest and stomach pain. Doc also said I had Mild gastritis due to my constant use of NSAIDS. Ok well obviously if I avoid alcohol then the problems gets better, but occasionally i like to have some drinks, does anyone know of anything that will HELP with chest pain ,back pain, and stomach pain associated with the consumption of alcohol? I have tried Mallox, pepto, tums. etc… doesn’tl really help , however Mallox if any is better.Is there medication that can help gastritis so you can actaulactually sit down and enjoy a couple of drinks?Ok I was put on antibiotics for my stomach problems …and they got better, so I decided a year later to have a few domestic beers on my graduation day. It seemed ok at first, but I had 2 more beers the next night, and I started getting mild chest pain, my stomach seems to be fine its just my esophagus. Surely there is some type of medication for an inflamed esophagus, does anyone know of anything?btw, I was diagnosed with H. pylori but the antibiotics seem to have helped, and before that I could drink whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. whisky, coffee, etc..Now I can’t even enoy a cup of coffe or any type of Carbonated drink . Any pointers?, because I can go without alcohol, lol, but to think I will never be able to swing by starbucks is kinda depressing.
A: My answer is, ‘no’; I have a similar problem to yours (not exactly the same, but similar symptoms), and I have found no solution, unfortunately.Technically, I am told, alcohol is a toxin, and is cleared away by your liver just like any other. People like us are just more sensitive to its effects than most.My understanding is that Maalox neutralizes stomach acid, so if that helps you, medications like Nexium or Prilosec are stronger and can block your stomach from producing acid more effectively and for longer. However, they are designed to address stomach pain/gastritis, and I don’t think they would really enable you to drink alcohol without consequence — that’s not really what they are for. Talk to your doctor about this, anyway.In my case, I just avoid alcohol completely, its easier than dealing with the pain.
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